Assault rifles age limit helps Christmas shoppers

I saw a bunch of articles in the past few days that mentioned one initiative proposed to help forestall future mass shootings by mentally troubled youths.  The proposal is to raise the age limit required for a youngster to attain before he is allowed to purchase an “assault rifle” on his own.

In their rush to press forward any and all limitations on guns, eager beaver journalists rushed to state capitols all around to get soundbite quotes from politicians.  In red states they tried to buttonhole Republicans, looking for quotes that could be used during electioneering later this year.   In my state, they raced around the Tennessee capitol and got a number of GOP officials to opine on some proposals that they might be willing to consider or at least permit debate on.  I was amused, sort of, by some of the Surrender Caucus saying their usual weaselly things.

I laughed out loud, though, at one passage.  This is from an article in the dead tree pulp edition of the Memphis Commercial Appeal that soiled my driveway this morning.   I did not check, but since it is probably behind their paywall, I transcribed by favorite section below.  The article has a byline by Joel Ebert of the USA Today Network.

House Speaker Beth Harwell said she was unfamiliar with the issue regarding bump stocks and wanted to study it further before reaching a decision.   “I’m certainly, with the President of the United States supporting it, it certainly makes it high profile and gives it credibility.  I’d have to study the issue a little bit more” she said.

Harwell declined to answer a question about raising the age to buy assault weapons, noting that she recently purchased one for her son.   “When that’s the only thing he wants for Christmas, what do you do, right?” she rhetorically asked.

Har har har har, hoo hoo hoo.   Journalists want to raise the age for her son to purchase the weapon she just gave him for Christmas.   Of course; this is a great answer.   It is already really hard to find good Christmas gifts for teenage sons, so, if they cannot buy the assault rifle they want, it simply goes under the Christmas tree.  Win-win!

Representative Harwell is running for governor of Tennessee.  This just makes me even more inclined favorably to her candidacy than before.   I don’t know her sons’ ages, but I have no doubt that Tennessee is a more safe place because they are armed.


As If Regular Reality Need Fixing…

As an official geezer, oldster and curmudgeon, I can take delight in the role proscribed. I can denigrate new things as “no big deal” and “Who needs that?” with a withering and wizened stare, the awesomeness of my experience backing up my delight in happy balloon puncturing. (Not available for parties)

However, I am also a gadget monger, a gear aficionado and person who enjoys having the needed tool in the truck, or their pocket or down in the basement cabinet.

It is great to imagine the probability of whether I should have a 48 volt combination chainsaw/winch just in case I break down in the wilderness during a zombie apocalypse and inbound tsunami. Such decision models are entertainment of a high order.

So last weekend, I finally got the time to try out a Christmas gift of Oculus VR googles for the Samsung Galaxy Phone. They had been sitting there , next to my post dinner chair, daring me to open them and get sucked down another tech timesucking rathole.

The Red Headed Irish Wisecraker demanded it , since NBC was advertising their Olympics VR app and she wanted to see figure skating with the new tech.

So I opened the box, and proceeded to read the manual, an old habit but one which has held me in good stead for decades.

I will say, setting aside the curmudgeon pose, that it was fun. NBC delivered crap, but the other stuff was fun. I was particularly fond of the offering by a guy who para skied with a 360 cam on his rig.

It felt like playing with a reel to reel tape recorder when they were the high tech fashion , or playing pong at a table in a bar, or watching the content explosion when CDs were suddenly available on most PCs.. The tech is still early, but it has immense promise.

Oh well, another tech entertainment rathole to spend time on.

So, fellow Ratburgers, what is your impression of the VR offerings to date? Don’t be shy, just scribble in the comment section below.

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I need to buy a washing machine.

You are probably thinking I need to buy a Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Speed Queen, or Frigidaire.  You would be wrong. My choices are between Aqua, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, or Panasonic. Don’t those names just say laundry day.

When I first came to Japan I used this type of washing machine. 








You washed the clothes and then put them in the spinner (on the right) to take the water out. Now the all-in-on washers are the norm. Japan is advanced and has solar clothes dryers. 

What should I look for in a washing machine?





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