The Best Stage of Parenting

There’s a scene in Father of the Bride that I relate to these days, as a parent of two young adult daughters. In the scene, Steve Martin’s character gapes as his grown daughter morphs into a tiny girl in braids who pipes up at the dinner table to announce her upcoming nuptials. My girls aren’t getting married yet, I’m happy to say. But I get the spirit of the movie scene when I watch all the little ways my daughters behave like grownups when I clearly remember bringing them home as helpless infants and then muddling through years of thwarted attempts to train them in basic responsibility and focus. It has dawned on me that somewhere in the last few years, something took, and now I can only drink in each delicious moment as these kids confidently lead their lives and reveal their depth.

Several little ways they have of showing ownership and wisdom have me not gaping, but wondering warmly at where my reluctant, fairy-obsessed, teacher-vexing progeny of lax parentage went, and who replaced them with these delightful grownups. Moms and dads struggling through the frustration and fog of various childhood stages, take hope:... [Read More]


A Series of Small Awakenings Adds Up To …..What?

A significant number of the American population is over their reaction and concern about the VIRUS. Traffic is up, people are going outside, there is chafing at the restrictions and conversation has turned to examine the necessity of the Government edicts coming from various Governors.

It is easy to bemoan the extreme idiots who are huddling inside, willing to embrace freedom restrictions because they have fear, fear of the illness and fear of not being a socially responsible person. It is easy to bemoan by pointing to these folks and extrapolating that they constitute a majority of active voters.... [Read More]


For what it’s worth…. POND

The windstorms HAD TO COME after I took the net off my pond. It did clear up a lot though, and now, unfortunately, I see the devastation. It’s full of stars, er leaves.

But it’s crystal clear and deceptive of depth. The leaves, just about in the middle of the picture, are about two feet down. That’s the deepest part, around 32 inches, (81.28 Centimeters), deep. I did attempt to use a narrow leaf rake to get some leaves out, but the pond will have to wait until I can put a ladder across it and a plank atop the ladder. Then I have to lay on the plank and reach way down to grab handfuls of leaves.... [Read More]


Let me apologize first…..

Let me apologize first…..

The title of this clip is: “Woman are delicate”. This is NO WAY intended to offend anyone. (except of course certain people in Japan who will find fault with everything I post… not mentioning any names.)

It was probably staged, but still funny.

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