Wilson Gets Marked as a Racist


I must be open about my bias. Woodrow Wilson High School constantly beat my high school in sports. They even had a swimmer that went to the Olympics. Knowing that this school must be brought low warms my heart. I wish I was around my old friends so I could razz them. Come to think of it the other strong sports school was Abraham Lincoln High School. :-)


Things are Great!

I know I don’t live in Oregon but things are wonderful here. People get along and cooperate with one another. They seem to have put aside that whole city destroying air raid thing and now flock to Costco.

I am thankful for the peace and great sushi I get. I am not saying this is because Haakon is no longer here but his absence has not hurt the delicate balance between the two baseball loving nations. I think a causal link can be found that the US went crazy after he moved there. (I am surprise things didn’t happen sooner.)


some help to get you through the day…

Just a few little funnies…

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Turbo Digital in the Twenty-First Century

5GBioShield ScamIn the latter part of the 1980s, the preeminent buzzwords in marketing were “digital”, prompted in particular by the compact disc as a music format, and “turbo”, from the exhaust-powered gizmos auto manufacturers began to use to get more zip out of tiny (compared to V-8s of a few years before) engines.  This resulted in these adjectives being plastered on products which had nothing whatsoever to do with either digital technology or turbocharging.  In the software world Borland International had a whole line of products called “Turbo Pascal”, “Turbo C”, etc., and “digital” showed up on boxes containing things whose only connection with the word was that they could be operated by fingers.  I especially remember ridiculously overpriced “digital speaker cables” which claimed they could better cope with the sound of compact discs.

Well, not to be left behind, I created my own logo in PostScript and started putting it on all of my software projects.... [Read More]


Fact Checking

Due to the recent decision by Twitter to fact check the President’s tweets. I thought it might be nice to review Ratburger.org’s policy. I think fact checking is okay as long as your check is made out to the proper payee. Please make sure myself or the other guy whose name is hard to remember is on the check and we will write some leftist dribble for you. We might even write, “This fact check was sponsored by Member _____.”