Republicans strike back…..

State Rep. Metcalfe, 24 co-sponsors call for impeachment of Gov. Wolf

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) and 24 co-sponsors introduced House Resolution 915, Tuesday afternoon, calling for the impeachment of Gov. Tom Wolf.... [Read More]


Public Health versus Individual Health

Over many years of intermittently reading various medical journals I began to notice that the arguments in favor of public health measures were often based solely on society-wide benefits. The effects are usually small on an individual basis and only matter when applied to a large population. As reported in the popular press, the recommendations are simplified to do this because it will make you live longer.

The arguments in the journals tend to go like this:... [Read More]


The Science Is Settled

In 2005, epidemiologist and physician John Ioannidis published the controversial and famous paper, Why Most Published Research Findings Are False in PLOS Medicine. He showed there were sound reasons to be skeptical of most published research, especially those results that rely on statistical analysis to draw conclusions about the relationship between two phenomena. Familiar examples:
• How effective is a drug?
• Does a substance in the environment increase the incidence of cancer?
• What is health effect of a food?
As he suggests, the science in most of these cases is far from settled.

By 2014, Ioannidis’s fame had grown to pop-science level. He was invited to do one of the Talks at Google, where he was given a fawning introduction by the earnest and callow member of the “People Operations Team.” He can do no wrong.... [Read More]


Japanese spirit Amabie…..

Of course we didn’t hear it first from our famed moderator, but Fox News did a story on it.
Japanese spirit Amabie, a mythical mermaid monster, revived to ward off coronavirus

Amabie is a yokai that fights viruses. Read about the legend of Amabie here.... [Read More]


A Series of Small Awakenings Adds Up To …..What?

A significant number of the American population is over their reaction and concern about the VIRUS. Traffic is up, people are going outside, there is chafing at the restrictions and conversation has turned to examine the necessity of the Government edicts coming from various Governors.

It is easy to bemoan the extreme idiots who are huddling inside, willing to embrace freedom restrictions because they have fear, fear of the illness and fear of not being a socially responsible person. It is easy to bemoan by pointing to these folks and extrapolating that they constitute a majority of active voters.... [Read More]



6 monkeys given an experimental coronavirus vaccine from Oxford did not catch COVID-19 after heavy exposure, raising hopes for a human vaccine

(click here to see the original article, CAUTION, this is an anti Trump website. This unauthorized, edited, somewhat sanatized reprint is to spare people the anit-Trump  rhetoric.)

... [Read More]


“Not Marie Antoinette” Gnarly Lambing Post

Corgi and lambDue to the need to evict an unsatisfactory tenant last autumn, I purchased all his livestock, which comprised six tups (rams) of various breeds and over a hundred ewes in lamb.  Hired professional shepherds to manage, not least because I was already committed to take part in two six-week field seasons in Cairo between mid-October and 1 March.  The inside of the large shed, normally dedicated to farm machinery, was converted to a livestock (sheep and ponies) management and emergency lambing facility. I arrived home on 28 February and lambing started on 9 March.  Most lambings were uneventful, with only a few cases where due to severe weather or distressed ewes or lambs we brought affected animals into the shed pens for warmth and closer monitoring.  We did have a case of a ewe preferring life outside the pen and requiring more stringent measures.

Wooly jumper in pen... [Read More]


something to think about….

Apple and Google are combining to make an app that will automatically be injected into your mobile phone. This is the COVID-19 app. What it will do is monitor your location and proximity to another with a Bluetooth equipped device and if you are close to someone that has or has been close to someone who has COVID-19, You will be flagged!

Read that again, “if you are close to someone that has or has been close to someone who has COVID-19, you will be flagged“….

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according to the CDC…

Something I researched and posted on my Facebook account…
Influenza and pandemics according to;
In 1918-19 about 675,000 deaths in the US.
In 1957-58 about 116,000 deaths in the US.
In 1968 about 100,000 deaths in the US
In 2009-10 about 12,469 deaths in the US.
In 2020 about 31,071 deaths in the US. ( So Far ! )
Now past FLU seasons approximations from …
2010-2011 about 36,656 deaths in the US.
2011-2012 about 12,447 deaths in the US.
2012-2013 about 42,570 deaths in the US.
2013-2014 about 39,930 deaths in the US.
2014-2015 about 51,376 deaths in the US.
2015-2016 about 22,705 deaths in the US.
2016-2017 about 38,230 deaths in the US.
2017-2018 about 61,099 deaths in the US.
2018-2019 about 34,200 deaths in the US.
IMHO: we have less “deaths” so far from this pandemic, COVID-19, than we had Influenza deaths for the whole of last year. But the year isn’t half over yet.
Looking more closely, it’s “generally” the elderly or those with preexisting conditions that we “loose” in both pandemic and influenza infections.
Remember that term, “generally”.
Do you “generally” want to loose a parent, an uncle, an aunt, or yourself, if you are over 65 years of age.
Think for a minute, seriously. Think about what is recommended and think why it is mandated, because people “generally” don’t think, therefore it has to be “mandated”.
Masks are no big thing, use them. I’ve traveled the world with my job and in many countries, long before this pandemic, I saw normal people wearing masks as far back as twenty-twenty five years ago. This was both in flu seasons as well and not. The mask may not technically seem as much protection for you, but every little bit helps.
Stay safe, Live Long and Prosper. 🇺🇸


Follow the Money

Medical scamI never cease to be amazed how “lawmakers” in the United States continue to enact legislation while seemingly blithely unaware that their country contains one of the largest populations of grifters ever collected together in one political entity in all of human history (the inevitable consequence of legislation enacted since the start of the “progressive” era which rewards grifters at the expense of honest labour and commerce).

Have you harboured a suspicion over the last couple of weeks that the numbers of COVID-19 cases being reported in certain areas might have been inflated?  Well, let’s a take a look at the text [PDF without auto-parodic pseudo-parchment background] of the “CARES Act” (H.R. 748 / S. 3548) [and don’t you love the ironic names they give these things: “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act”?].  On page 142 (of 335) of the PDF, what should we find but:... [Read More]