“For Every 100 Girls…”

Many “studies” of “disparate impact” on various groups cite figures in the form “for every 100 …”, purporting to show “structural” discrimination against one group or another.  The alternative hypothesis that there may be fundamental differences among different groups is, of course, a “hate thought” which must be excluded from scholarly discourse.

Mark J. Perry of the American Enterprise Institute began posting a series of Web log posts on 2020-10-28 titled: “2020 Update: ‘For every 100 girls…’ ” showing differences between girls/women and boys/men in this form, summarised in the following chart.

For every 100 girls…

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Drain the Swamp

Even while keeping up a very demanding campaign, President Trump is continuing to work on longstanding campaign pledges.  He issued a new Executive Order to expose more upper policy-making positions in the Executive Branch to management correction.

Go, Trump, go.

Drain the Swamp.

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Vote early and often!

I’m not used to Joe being quite so… forthcoming, but better late than never.

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Speaking of contested presidential elections

Do you all happen to remember any details about election night in 20002004(see comments)?

I was working as a roving troubleshooter for the Wayne County (Ohio) Board of Elections all that day, and well into the night. While all of you were watching the results come in, I was preoccupied in a back room at the central election hub of a little podunk Ohio county. If you have good memories you may recall that the networks all had Ohio “too close to call”, but one county’s results were not yet available, and those results could tip the scales. Finally the rest of the country was pretty well decided, but everyone was still waiting on Ohio. CNN was calling. The governor was calling. Bush was calling. Gore was calling. And why were those results not available yet? Well, that’s a closely guarded secret…... [Read More]


Naked Brexit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday claimed Brussels had “abandoned the idea of a free trade deal”.

And the UK’s chief negotiator, Lord Frost, told Mr Barnier not to bother travelling to London on Monday – as he had intended – as there was “no basis” on which to continue negotiations.... [Read More]


Hunter’s laptop

You all saw it, right?   Because your social media pals alerted you to the story.

The New York Post got the scoop.   Hunter Biden’s laptop went unclaimed for over 90 days at a repair shop, and so under Delaware law it became fair game for the shop.  They hacked in and found Hunter’s e-mails.  They handed the laptop over to the FBI, after copying out some e-mails about Hunter’s business deals.  They appear to be very damaging to Hunter and Joe Biden, indicating a thriving business of influence peddling.... [Read More]



I don’t know who broke this story.  So far it looks like it was first noticed by Steve Krakauer.  National Review jumped on it early, as did TheFederalist.com.

At the Confirmation Hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, there was this exchange.  Mazie Hirono was on the attack and offered this criticism:... [Read More]


Trump abortion treatment

Fake News alert. I suppose you all saw that thing about President Trump’s Regeneron cocktail being made from fetal cells.

Not true; the test is made from hamster cells.... [Read More]