Rolling Stones Democrats Suck Edition

(Language warning due to a few swear words.)

The Trump Boomerang strikes again. This is when Trump is attacked for something and the attack hurts the attacker(s).  The Dems went after Trump over the Ukraine and lo and behold Biden is recorded on the phone talking to the Ukraine. The prosecutor is fired even when there is no evidence. Laws have to be changed to do it. For going against the rule of law Ukraine is rewarded with a billion dollar aid package. You can’t make this up!... [Read More]


Walz blinks

The Catholic Church in Minnesota joined with the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod in making a statement earlier this week.   They said that their churches will open for real-life worship on Sunday, May 31, regardless of the Governor’s edict.

Today Governor Tim Walz backed down.... [Read More]


Downright Diabolical

Yesterday, while I was enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the allegedly hipster coffeehouses I frequent, the woman at the next table struck up a conversation. She and her husband had just returned from a bike ride about ten miles up the coast. I objected that the bike paths were closed by order of our scary-looking county public health official and assorted lesser authorities. I was informed that they were now open, whereupon I set off to explore.

Indeed, it was true! I was overjoyed. Everyone was delighting in a beautiful day by the beach, reveling in their new-found freedom. I was grateful to be able to resume some normal activities. Only one day before, there were orange barricades blocking entry and at many points along this path, and rent-a-cops enforcing the no-go zone. [click on photo to enlarge]... [Read More]


Source Code for Imperial Model is Found to be in FORTRAN; OMG

In 1969 my brother spent half his time listening to Janis Joplin, and the other half learning FORTRAN with his high-school special class held at U of Buffalo. I have a strong impression of the relative antiquity of that programming language.

Now the source code of UK’s Imperial Model has come under discussion in the public prints, as Jeeves would say. John Hinderaker posted on Powerline,  excerpting from Richards and Boudnik in The Telegraph.  Telegraph commentary also comes from Ridley and Davis.... [Read More]


Wow Mollie

Mollie wrote a column.  In it she scolded Mitch McConnell for “limp” response to the Russia Collusion Hoax.

She tweeted a link to her column.   President Trump re-tweeted four of Mollie’s tweets this morning.  Then this was his fifth re-tweet of a Mollie tweet:... [Read More]


Dangerous Pattern of Swamp-draining

Pelosi said that the firing shows that Trump has “accelerated his dangerous pattern of retaliation” against public servants investigating his administration.

Speaker Pelosi was commenting on President Trump’s firing of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick.... [Read More]


Cop Stands Up for the Constitution

A Port of Seattle police officer posted a video on YouTube on May 5 decrying the enforcement of “tyrannical orders against the people.” It was primarily directed at other police officers and was initially praised by his superiors. Within three hours, they contacted him again asking him to remove it, citing higher authorities. He refused and was threatened with sanctions (“documents will be found”). He was fired. Independent of the subsequent controversy, his original video is worth a look. This is a re-post of the original video, which he claims had over a million views and much support from other law enforcement officers. He raises the issues of the consent of the governed and of the dangers for LEOs under the loss of public trust.

... [Read More]