FBI Gave Secrets to Steele

It has been clear to me for some time that the FBI is corrupt. How corrupt is still open for debate, but there has been no doubt in my mind about it, at the highest levels. This is, of course, nothing new. Under Hoover, it was as corrupt as such things can be. Still, we had hoped, in 2016 that was behind us. Not so.

This at Real Clear Investigations is scary. Any American should be horrified, but of course, the left will not be, and Never Trumpers won’t be, because let’s face it, there is nothing that will make either one of those groups change their mind. The Never Trumpers who can be won over have been (welcome all).... [Read More]


criminal Barr

On Monday, the prosecution submitted a sentencing recommendation to the court in the case against Roger Stone.  They recommended seven to nine years in prison.

There was immediate push-back from court watchers.   As one example, Bonchie at RedState had this to say, in a blog post:... [Read More]


Ali on Rush

I was a new engineer at a consulting firm in a Midwestern city. I joined them in 1991. I became good friends with an engineer named Ali, an immigrant from Turkey and a damn good engineer.

Ali had a curious habit. He would pack his lunch from home. At lunchtime, he would go sit in his car and listen to the radio. One of the guys mentioned it. It was a mystery in the office. Ali was not listening to music. They wondered if he was listening to a Turkish broadcast, but nobody had wanted to probe about what Ali was listening to.... [Read More]


Ron Paul Interviews Tulsi Gabbard: “A Progressive Appeal to New Hampshire Libertarians”

On 2020-02-07, Ron Paul interviewed Democrat presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard on his “Ron Paul Liberty Report”.  The discussion concentrated on points where libertarians and Gabbard may agree, such as a non-interventionist foreign policy.  He did not question her on areas of disagreement, which are many, as she is on most other issues a doctrinaire Democrat.

... [Read More]


Prediction Markets on the U.S. 2020 Elections

Predictions: U.S. presidential election, 2020Flaming libertarians, unrepentant anarcho-capitalists, and believers in the ultimate wisdom of crowds with skin in the game like myself have long been enamoured by prediction markets, where people can make bets, with real money, on the outcomes of well-defined events in the future.  There is substantial evidence that such markets more accurately predict events in the future than other mechanisms such as opinion polls, where those contacted may lie for a variety of reasons and, in any case, have no direct financial stake in the accuracy of the result.  As Nassim Nicholas Taleb has written, “Don’t tell me what you ‘think’, just tell me what’s in your portfolio.”

The Web site Election Betting Odds, produced by Maxim Lott and John Stossel, curates quotes in real time from the prediction markets Betfair and PredictIt.  Odds are updated and posted every minute.  Current markets include the winner of the U.S. presidency in 2020, the Democrat nominee, control of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, and outcome of primaries and caucuses in New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  Here is the site’s explanation of why prediction markets beat polls.... [Read More]


A Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier

Joe Biden got a little frisky with someone at a rally in New Hampshire. (h/t Mollie) Letting Joe continue to run is elder abuse.

American Thinker Plants a Seed

An interesting political point of view at American Thinker, by Ben Voth; maybe it’s a start, or maybe just a ray of hope.  As always, read the whole thing.

“The Axis of San Francisco to D.C. was broken on Tuesday night. The ability to dictate to flyover country the terms of political discussion appears to be as broken as the Iowa caucus software. Breaking the deceptive interpretive paradigm and epistemology of a reactionary elite is the most important potential development for America in this century.”... [Read More]


Ali at the P.O.

Ali is a damn good engineer. He is a Turkish immigrant. While he was raising a family he could only afford to go home every other year for a visit. He would send the wife and kids over for three or four weeks during summer vacation. He would go join them for the second half of the time, so he could fly back together with them. A few days after he returned from one of those trips, I got a chance to ask him about the trip. He told me a few interesting things. Then, about a month later, we had one of our delightful political discussions, and it prompted him to tell me a story.

I had asked if he would want to retire back to Turkey some day. He snorted. “No.”... [Read More]


Out of the Woods

James Woods is back on Twitter. Here is a tweet.

Top Lawmaker Doesn’t Understand Acquittal

I don’t know about you but it is gross incompetence for the nations top lawmaker, Nancy Pelosi, doesn’t understand that acquittal means a person prior charge is dropped. The system doesn’t keep bringing up the prior trials or the accusations. This is dumb.

I agree with Scott Adams from his most recent vodcast that Nancy looks unhinged. She doesn’t come off as stable. Walking out of meeting for a photo op; tearing up a speech; wishing ill while spouting “love”, and unable to look the camera in the eye during the SOTU.