I am here for the October Special

I get one free month of Ratburger.org during October. All I had to do with type in the Discount Code “Amy: Schumer’s Worst Nightmare” If I upgrade I can get fries and a large Coke. Do you think it is worth it? Super Premium Members can get a signed napkin and a PLASTIC PLATINUM STRAW. (It is the LAST STRAW you will ever need.)


Major League Sports in the U.S.

A post about the four major sports in the U.S. and BLM may be of interest. I’ve never been a hockey fan so there’s no need for me to boycott that. I lived in or near Chicago during the Jordan years and was a big fan. I haven’t watched it much since then. I saw a small part of a game in a restaurant recently. I’ll pass. They’re supporters of BLM but don’t want to know anything about abuses by the ChiComs. I was a fan of the Cubs but PC, the mask hysteria and BLM have me boycotting them too. I was a big pro football fan but stopped watching  it four years ago. I see no reason to change now as they have gotten more political. They can all go bankrupt as far as I am concerned.


Winning decisively

Given the shenanigans of the PA Supreme Court on three day post election voting without a postmark. it seems the Opposition is going to make a run at Pennsylvania and North Carolina on mail in fraud, two linchpins of the 2016 victory.

The best way to succeed in the post election fiasco coming our way is to win the electoral college without these two states. At that point rigorous policing of the corruption can be sustained to hold the Senate and win the House in contested states.... [Read More]


Peace Between Israel & Various Arabs Is Wonderful, But…

The cause of much middle-east conflict is intra-arab tribal crap.  A huge conflict was, and still festers in many quarters, the Iran/Iraq war.  Good that arabs are chilling with the Israelis, but the region is still a hotbed of tribal barbarians covered with a very thin veneer of Western accouterments. (And, let it be ritually noted that the “Palestinians” are the worst of the whole lot.) Here, Buchanan tries to elucidate something, I’m not quite sure what; he is pretty sharp for an elderly dude, eh?



Simple Numbers, ergo Simple Decision

Viruses are small.  All filters are not created equal.  Idiocy abounds.  Our citizenry is downright ignorant about basic dimensions.  The gap between the average citizen’s entry-level scientific literacy and that necessary to function in a semi-technical society is about one parsec.

Thankfully, we have American Thinker and Andrea Widburg on duty. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/09/the_cdc_director_has_doubled_down_on_masks_but_is_he_wrong.html


So. Much. Stupid., says Derek Hunter

A pet peeve of mine, an entity I’ve actually named, is the slow and methodical violation and degradation of our precious English language.  There are innumerable reasons it is the primary language of business, worldwide, and that it helped beget Shakespeare’s trove.  But it’s not as if I’d actually shun someone who commits some minor heresy, or even comment on it.  Decline is our new norm.  Adding periods within a phrase or sentence adds no value to the words used, and only denotes a turgid cadence, at best.  Maybe more descriptive or apt words might convey the probable intent of the author to add a sense of importance or gravitas?  I’m stuck at home with a wounded leg, and further, can’t even sit out on my deck and watch the birds and my fish because our normally pristine and clean Pacific ocean air is acrid with smoke, so I’m officially grousing about this topic.

I expect, nay demand, opinions from my fellow Ratters about this linguistic travesty.


Musings on The Weakness Of Elites

We stand at a crossroads as a country with a distinct fork in the road ahead . When confronted with such a situation, Americans often heed the sage advice of Yogi Berra, the Philosopher “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”. A comic wit added “You never know when you might need a fork…”

For reasons known only to themselves, our elite class decided that the american middle class was not worth lording over, to expensive, too free, too unpredictable and so they decided to reduce us to worthless lotus eaters who are divided by gender, race, religion and values and replace us with better educated, striving overseas labor who worked for less and could be ruled by force.... [Read More]


Mordor Across the River

The fires out here have finally blown the virus out of the government topic of the day. Something about imminent danger and the fact that a poor response is immediately visible to politicians and the voting public seems to change the topic.

We here across the river have smoke and foul air but nothing compared to our former home.... [Read More]


That’s Not Who We Are

Jessica Krug

Rachel Dolezal, the Sequel has been released. In theaters now!

We all know that Hollywood likes to recycle reboot old franchises. The news media, also part of the entertainment-propaganda complex, have also gotten into the act. A history herstory professor at George Washington University specializing in “politics, ideas, and cultural practices in Africa and the African Diaspora” while passing for black has come out as “a white Jewish woman from Kansas City.” Unlike Ms. Dolezal, who was outed by her parents, Prof. Krug confessed. Her groveling apology will probably not absolve her of blame nor prevent her from suffering some consequences but one never knows. Either way, it’s one heck of a hoot to read.... [Read More]


I had a friend

I had a friend who was struggling meeting people. She was afraid of what they were thinking. In actuality I think the problem was she thought bad about herself and therefore thought others thought the same. On that day I had a minor epiphany. I thought about happy people in my life. I thought about when I was happy. I found that I was happiest thinking how wonderful another person was. At that time I complete forgot about me and thought about them. I find other people fascinating. I especially like when they smile or laugh. (I am smiling because I met a nice married couple around 6 AM this morning.)