Quit Whining; It Only Feeds the Trolls

The Right are playing their assigned role in the iconoclasts’ drama: a Dionysian festival. The Left are gladdened by your tears; they derive their energy from the wailing and moans of the Right. As Zman explains,

There is no shortage of analysis trying to explain the insane behavior of mobs pulling down statues. All of it from outside the Progressive hive misses the point, because it projects reason and consciousness of thought onto the performers. What’s happening is these people are just that, performers. They are unconsciously playing a role, like participants in a pagan ceremony. They are doing so for their Progressive audience, who cheers and sobs after each statue is toppled.... [Read More]


WSJ Journo Reaches Out to Gab

A former Facebook employee and current journalist at the WSJ contacted Andrew Torba of Gab to find out how to further deplatform Gab survives deplatforming. All the usual payment processors and many other service providers refuse to deal with Gab. The only ways to send them any money are Bitcoin and checks, including echecks.

I’m a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and I’m looking into how platforms with strong free speech policies are dealing with their dependence on large internet infrastructure companies (like Cloudflare).... [Read More]


Davey Day Trader

Bubble popping cartoonIf you think there’s something a bit curious about a frothy and pricey stock market existing simultaneously with a global pandemic, Depression-level unemployment, GDP and corporate earnings collapse, freeze-up in world trade, riots by anarchist mobs, devastation of small businesses, and corporate bankruptcies, you might just be thinking that we’re seeing a classic asset bubble blown by the injection of unprecedented amounts of “money” created out of thin air by central banks.

One characteristic of financial bubbles, particularly in their late stages, is a massive pile into the market by small “retail investors”, who bet their modest savings in the belief that “stocks only go up” and “this time is different”.  Another sign of a bubble is the emergence of financial gurus, often with unusual backgrounds, proclaiming this “new wisdom for a new era” to their enthusiastic followers.... [Read More]


Scott Adams’s Old Buddy

A couple of years ago, Scott Adams was enamored of BLM’s New York leader, Hawk Newsome. Adams had him as a guest on his Periscopes once or twice and often spoke admiringly of Newsome. It was always obvious to even the most casual observer at the time that Newsome is a racist. His audience pointed it out repeatedly but Adams was undeterred. Adams has since broken it off with Newsome but he spent plenty of time kneeling and praising before he did.

Now Newsome is finally all the way out of the closet, loud and proud to show his true colors: “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it.” Oh, but he’s only speaking figuratively, right? Maybe, maybe not:... [Read More]


Wayne Allyn Root Sounds the Alarm

He ISN’T usually characterized as an alarmist or conspiracy nutjob.  He IS yet another important clear voice warning of the severity and implications of our current political war, and how it will evolve if unattended: Kristallnacht, redux.



Boredom is Our Best Friend, Cold Anger is our Solution

Like all things of the moment, enthusiasm and fear passes. Humans cannot sustain a highly agitated state for long, our bodies eventually tamp it down with chemicals.

The Globalists and their shock troops keep hitting us with concept assaults, wanting us to frenzy out , panic and become deer in the headlights.... [Read More]


Republicans strike back…..

State Rep. Metcalfe, 24 co-sponsors call for impeachment of Gov. Wolf

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) and 24 co-sponsors introduced House Resolution 915, Tuesday afternoon, calling for the impeachment of Gov. Tom Wolf.... [Read More]


The Great Divide

Musing over the real fracture lines in America, which are very fundamentally different then the shiny object media generated ones is usually like chasing an imaginary gray cat in the fog. Things are becoming clearer and the imaginary cat is now a probability cat.

The systemic racism, social justice, and fascist anti fascist distractions are fluff. Dangerous fluff but lacking in reality power with a broad audience.... [Read More]


Cancelled by Patreon

Patreon: cancelledJust five days ago, I posted here “L. Neil Smith: ‘There ought to be a law!’ ” in which the über-libertarian advocated legislation incorporating the Bill of Rights and, in particular, the First Amendment, against corporations chartered by U.S. states as a remedy for rampant censorship and violations of freedom of speech, religion, and free association committed by what he argues are, in every sense, state actors.

Just a few minutes ago, what should I find in my E-mail in-box, but the following:... [Read More]