Not to further offend soft skinned people, The “Chinese” are liars.

Not to further offend soft skinned people, The “Chinese” are liars.

That is the obvious conclusion about the reports from the Chinese news agencies on the number of deaths in Wuhan.
Urn deliveries in Wuhan raise questions about China’s actual coronavirus death toll.... [Read More]


Looking Out My Office Window and Taking In the Scene

So here I am, musing and wondering.

It has been a heckuva week. The dental products business was beginning to blossom and now has hit a stall due to dental offices being closed. My other main income source is construction in the state below where the Governor issues cryptic edits which leave business owners confused. I had the owner call me looking for advice on how to handle an employee who faked having Coronavirus.... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-3-25: Who Decides Who Dies?

We have no idea how well things will go. There is hope and facts that it looks like things will be okay but there is also facts that things could turn bad. If the hospitals are overrun with people who need critical care. At that time someone will have to decide who gets that help and who doesn’t.  I have some questions to get at some rational for those decisions.

What is the main criteria for giving the rationed resources? Need? Money? Prospects for recovery?... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-3-24: How Not to Buy Staples in the Crisis

I will put this information in a spoiler so that the hoarders don’t buy THIS SIMPLE TRICK. Okay, I want you to click the spoiler because I need to practice my clickbaitery. Leave a comment if you had to look. I am desperate for comments too.

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Bankruptcy Socialism: A Dystopian Tale

Bankruptcy SocialismIn September, 2008, with the financial crisis of that year triggered by the collapse of the mortgage-backed securities bubble shaking the foundations of financial institutions world-wide and an election in the U.S. looming which had the prospect of electing the most explicitly left-wing president in the country’s history, I wrote a Gnome-o-Gram titled “The AIG Takeover and Bankruptcy Socialism”, in which I introduced the term “bankruptcy socialism”.  I have appended that original article, unmodified, to this post so you can see what I was thinking at the time and how things evolved subsequently compared to what I envisioned.

Although I wish for nothing more earnestly than the kind of optimistic outcome from the present disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken to deal with it, such as those sketched by TKC 1101 in his post “So What Is the POTUS Strategy?”, I also believe it is wise to look at other, darker strategies which may be put into place by those with agendas very different from the swift and complete recovery from the present troubles for which I, and most people, hope.... [Read More]


So What Is the POTUS Strategy?

From early statements it seemed POTUS was trying to portray Corona as another version of the seasonal corona virus, which it is. However, he sensed the media, the rogue IC, the Deep State on the Chinese payroll and such would try and make it the panic of the century.

He shifted gears, set fire to the best economy ever and decided to create a new show for us all. Wartime President, with fireside chats and team photos. All hands on deck, all well know brand names jumping on board for PR and a taste of the stimulus package. ... [Read More]


“COVID-19 — Evidence Over Hysteria”

CensorshipAaron Ginn, a Silicon Valley technologist who worked on the digital team for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign and subsequently co-founded Lincoln Network, a conservative group of technologists, posted a long (≈ 7000 word) think piece on titled “COVID-19 — Evidence Over Hysteria”.  This is a fact-based exploration of what we know and what we don’t know about this disease and its progression so far, the steps taken to deal with it and their potential economic consequences, and recommendations for course changes.  He concludes:

These days are precarious as Governors float the idea of martial law for not following “social distancing”, as well as they liked while they violate those same rules on national TV. Remember this tone is for a virus that has impacted 0.004% of our population. Imagine if this was a truly existential threat to our Republic.... [Read More]


We Just Hit The Society Reset Button

If you read stories about the plague years, you will see Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in isolation from the Plague, Isaac Newton hunkered down and came up with his theory of motion and the calculus. (No cable or PlayStation available)

Just like Pearl Harbor, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the retreat from Vietnam, the racial riots in the 1960s, the Iran Hostage crisis, the Oil Shocks, the Berlin Wall coming down and 9-11, such events can cause a redirection, a rethinking and much else on a very personal level.... [Read More]