The Downstream Flow

Saint Andrew (Breitbart) said “Politics is downstream from culture” and many people have paid lip service to that, especially the professionals.

I have heard conservative after conservative bemoaning how will the ideal ever live on with the kids today and their silly leftism and lack of respect for tradition.... [Read More]


My Letter to the CEO of United Airlines

Dear Mr. Munoz,

A longtime customer of United Airlines, I write to tell you that I will no longer avail myself of your services. You see, I was under the impression that we had a business relationship, not a political one; that you were serious about the business of running an airline. Your action of severing mutually-beneficial arrangements with NRA members is an act obviously intended to disparage us and the organization to which we belong. That organization’s secular sin, according to the wisdom of United Airlines, is to dare stand steadfastly for preservation of the Constitution and the entire Bill of Rights. Your action represents the basest form of moral preening aimed at assuaging a leftist, statist mob ginned up by a dishonest media whose agenda is nothing less than undoing the Bill of Rights. It is beyond ironic that you have chosen to dissociate yourself from what is likely the most law-abiding, organized group of individuals in the entire country and that you purport to be doing that to protest the criminal acts of one disturbed individual who is not an NRA member and who – in this instance – used a gun to kill and maim. Had he instead employed a Chevy Volt to run down his victims, would you have distanced yourself from the American Automobile Association (AAA)? Make no mistake – that is precisely the jejune and incoherent moral principle you have espoused.
One would think this kind of virtue signaling, this striking of a contorted political pose, would be beneath a successful, visible, international corporation interested above all in satisfying its customers. As one who practices a demanding profession on which others’ lives depend, it is beyond doubt that I cannot perform at my best if I am distracted by ancillary or frivolous political matters unrelated to my mission. I can’t imagine it is any different when it comes to running an airline, complex as it is. I suggest you stick to your core business and not waste your limited resources on politics. Until you see fit to follow this sound bit of business advice, I will make do without your services, and, I suspect, so will lots of other NRA members which you deplore with such facile animus.
Your sudden interest in politics ought to inform a similar interest in history. It teaches that, in feeding mobs, the purveyors of hors d’oeuvres often become the next entrée.
With utter disdain,


Gauntlet, thrown.

The main issue is joined and the globalist spokeslugs are howling. Mostly senators, but a few congresslugs also. You can tell by their concern for every other country but this one.
Steel and aluminum tariffs.

“Trump tweeted Thursday that many U.S industries, including steel and aluminum “have been decimated by decades of unfair trade and bad policy with countries from around the world. We must not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. We want free, fair and SMART TRADE!” CBS News... [Read More]


On Main street, that great street, I just want to say, They do things they don’t do on Broadway

Another report from the deplorable economy.

I saw an excavator dig out of Chapter 11 with a half million dollar contract…... [Read More]


Needed: An Alternative Economic and Financial Universe – Choice

Virtue signaling and censorship by large business and financial enterprises have become difficult to ignore. Companies like Dick’s – announced the it will no longer sell “assault rifles” by which it apparently means all semi-automatic long guns – go out their way to take flaccid political stances with which I strongly disagree. By virtue of being their continued customers, they would have us add to not just their bottom line, which is fine, but they would also force us to accede to their having injected politics into our relationship; they do so in an “in your face” manner, to boot.

Censorship by outfits like Google (I use it as little as possible) and Twitter (never have, never will) is especially disturbing. I was an early adopter of Amazon, but have developed reservations in that I do not like financially supporting the power of Bezos in furthering his well-financed progressive agenda. Similarly with Apple and numerous financial institutions like Bank of America, who do their progressive thing in many ways, at every opportunity. Also, “in your face.”... [Read More]


Is Mona Charen a Classical Hypocrite?

People like to throw out the H word and call people hypocrites. We often think a person who does not live up to standards is a hypocrite. It is true that a double like is key to good hypocrisy but it takes more than that. It actually takes preaching a moral code and not living up to it. The person who is caught up in a in the very thing they have attacked others is doing hypocrisy right.

I used classical in the title of this post. As far as I know we get the modern usage of hypocrite from Christianity. The terms original meaning was an actor who used a mask in Greek plays. The thought is a person that does not show their true character and acts a part. The people who were accused of hypocrisy were “wonderful actors” with “wonderful lives”. They certainly did not have the appearance of evil but of good. In fact they were the first to denounce evil. ... [Read More]


Recap on the War In Progress

Another week, and once more the Progressives sprang a well oiled rapid response trap with CNN, Soros funds and elements of the Women’s March, with parts of the FBI all setting up the aftermath of a tragic school shooting as a major offensive against the Populist Usurper.

We saw rehearsed children, a local Democrat political Sheriff and the CNN crew jump into action to attack the GOP, the NRA and anyone to the right of Lindsey Graham.... [Read More]


Too hot for CPAC

CPAC Nevers have censored a scheduled panel on free speech.

Pamela Geller worked for months on a panel discussion.  At the last minute, CPAC told her that the founder of Gateway Pundit would be banned because he “supports Nazis.”   Geller said she would not cancel anyone from speaking at a panel discussion on free speech.... [Read More]