Value of US Citizenship in Free Fall

Appropriately, beginning on April Fool’s Day, the People’s Republic of California will begin automatically registering illegal aliens to vote at the time they receive the on-demand, no-questions-asked drivers’ licenses. I lack the time and energy to adequately express my outrage. It establishes the fact that it is all but explicit national policy  that anyone, from anywhere can enter the US, receive substantial benefits and  now can even vote themselves more of the same.

Those of us who were once proud of our nation and prized our citizenship are dismissed as xenophobes, ‘nativists,’ racists, etc., should we have the temerity to object to being forced to pay for a flood of new free-riding voters. It certainly fleshes out the concept of “unsustainable” and, as I see it, is another act toward national suicide. This is all the more the case when consuming costly social benefits and not working (at least in Europe until now) is a recognized, explicit and encouraged form of jihad.


Another Morning Sigh

I posted this in the HW group, but I feel combative this morning after my normal array of phone calls and emails designed by the Conspiracy of Idiots Too Dumb To Conspire Properly.

To those who get the vapors over comments one would hear in a PG 13 movie, to those who call me deplorable, to those who wish to use the force of the state to change my thoughts, I give you the following two images for reflection.... [Read More]


A View on the Never Right

I thought I would add a viewpoint on the Never-Right to those expressed here lately.

They are many things, but at the core of their being was their own acceptance of America in decline to globalism. They as a group all positioned themselves as part of the elites and accepted the charade of “free trade’, the ‘inevitable decline of American manufacturing’, the descent of the working class Americans to a global lowest common denominator, and the rule by elites from the ‘right’ backgrounds, not necessarily by the quality of their achievements.... [Read More]


Book Review: The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun

“The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun” by Matthew BrackenWe first met Dan Kilmer in Castigo Cay, where the retired U.S. Marine sniper (I tread cautiously on the terminology: some members of the Corps say there’s no such thing as a “former Marine” and, perhaps, neither is there a “former sniper”) had to rescue his girlfriend from villains in the Caribbean. The novel is set in a world where the U.S. is deteriorating into chaos and the malevolent forces suppressed by civilisation have begun to assert their power on the high seas.

As this novel begins, things have progressed, and not for the better. The United States has fractured into warring provinces as described in the author’s “Enemies” trilogy. Japan and China are in wreckage after the global economic crash. Much of Europe is embroiled in civil wars between the indigenous population and inbred medieval barbarian invaders imported by well-meaning politicians or allowed to land upon their shores or surge across their borders by the millions. The reaction to this varies widely depending upon the culture and history of the countries invaded. Only those wise enough to have said “no” in time have been spared.... [Read More]


Isms Over Ers

It is important to keep this site civil and keeping with our principle of not attacking people it is best to go after the Isms and not the Ers.  This has been said in many ways. Such as: Play the ball not the man. Hate the sin not the sinner.  It is a subtle difference but an important difference.

Here are some examples (picked at random) of the Okay followed by the Not Okay.... [Read More]


Obama treason –Hezbollah

I figure most of y’all are plugged in to conservative niche media, so you at least saw a reference to a blockbuster story that appeared last week at Politico.  It is a very long and detailed investigative feature by Josh Meyer, and it lays forth how the DEA investigations into narco-trafficing by Hezbollah were halted by Team Obama in order to keep Obama’s Iran Deal moving forward.   It is a very damning report with a bunch of helpful links. [Read More]