Have you ever come across a previously unheard version of a song that instantly brings a smile to your face and lifts your spirits? I had just such an experience last night while grading papers. I was listening to some music on my YouTube Music app when Frank Sinatra’s version of Paul Simon’s “Mrs. Robinson” popped up:

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I am here for the October Special

I get one free month of during October. All I had to do with type in the Discount Code “Amy: Schumer’s Worst Nightmare” If I upgrade I can get fries and a large Coke. Do you think it is worth it? Super Premium Members can get a signed napkin and a PLASTIC PLATINUM STRAW. (It is the LAST STRAW you will ever need.)


Winning decisively

Given the shenanigans of the PA Supreme Court on three day post election voting without a postmark. it seems the Opposition is going to make a run at Pennsylvania and North Carolina on mail in fraud, two linchpins of the 2016 victory.

The best way to succeed in the post election fiasco coming our way is to win the electoral college without these two states. At that point rigorous policing of the corruption can be sustained to hold the Senate and win the House in contested states.... [Read More]


I had a friend

I had a friend who was struggling meeting people. She was afraid of what they were thinking. In actuality I think the problem was she thought bad about herself and therefore thought others thought the same. On that day I had a minor epiphany. I thought about happy people in my life. I thought about when I was happy. I found that I was happiest thinking how wonderful another person was. At that time I complete forgot about me and thought about them. I find other people fascinating. I especially like when they smile or laugh. (I am smiling because I met a nice married couple around 6 AM this morning.)


The Amazing Labor Day $0.99 Book Sale

It’s the biggest and best book sale yet.

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend by topping off your library. Select from over eighty titles each priced at $0.99, including more than a dozen that are absolutely free.

The selection includes top science fiction, fantasy, and adventure authors like Deplora Boule, C.J. Carella, Paul Clayton, Travis Corcoran, Larry Correia,  David Drake, Eric Flint, Declan Finn, Sarah Hoyt, Tom Kratman, Robert Kroese, Jon Mollison, John Ringo, David Weber, David J. West, Michael Z. Williamson, and a wide range of other established and emerging talent.

Note that pricing is set by the authors or their publishers, so please confirm before you buy.

Updated to add For Steam and Country and The Steam Knight by Jon del Arroz, A Place Outside the Wild by Daniel Humphreys, and nonfiction works by science fiction grandmaster, John C. Wright.

Updated again to add Battle for the Wastelands by Matthew W. Quinn, Fireammer and Souls in Silicon by Jeff Duntemann, and Texas Otherworld by Denton Salle.

Updated to add Mikhail Voloshin’s cyber-crime thriller, Dopamine. 

Updated to add Jon Del Arroz’s The Stars Entwined.

Updated to add fLUX Runners by William Joseph Roberts.

Updated to add Honor at Stake.

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Our Man in Kenosha

Curious John is an old friend I talked to him on the phone today. He lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Here is an article of his over at

New evidence presented in the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha Police officer suggests that not only was that shooting totally lawful and justified, but it may also have saved several lives. Blake was armed with a knife, lunging for what officers reasonably believed was another weapon, and potentially attempting to steal his ex-girlfriend’s car and abduct their children.... [Read More]


Do you laugh at yourself?

I find some of the happiest people I know have the ability not to take themselves too seriously. They can laugh at themselves and see the craziness of life at times.

A while back I put up a post about climbing up to a place and sweating buckets to see a “waterfall” that was a trickle. I was laughing at myself.... [Read More]


$100 Moving Experience

Over the last weekend I rented a van at Toyota Rentacar. I had to move chairs, tables, a desk, and various things. The crew was two ex high school principals, two retired company presidents, and a loose nut behind a wheel. The loose nut was tall and had round eyes. I forgot to mention “my boss”.

It took me time to figure out which vehicle to rent. I needed one that had a cargo bay that was about 7 feet long. I could have gone for a two ton open truck but decided a long van would be safer. I wouldn’t have to worry about rain or things falling out. This is the type I got.... [Read More]


Waiting My Turn

Have you ever struck up a conversation while you have been in line at the supermarket? I have many times. (It helps having run a cash register and knowing the time limitations.)

Today I was at Costco and there were two lines. The Japanese lady in front of me had a big bag of death AKA Snack Size Snickers. She switch to another line because it looked quicker. But when it looked like my line was going to be faster I motioned to her to go ahead of me.... [Read More]


Who called the police on me?

It was another hot day. I was trying to tell myself that excuse is enough for me not to exercise. But unfortunately or fortunately I can recognize lame excuses so I went for a hill climb.

It is interesting how I start out with the  goal of going to the top but mid walk I think it is hot or this is not the day. Last week I used the real excuse that my legs were tired but that excuse was past its expiration date. I decided to go to the top.... [Read More]