The Great Memorial Day Weekend $0.99 Book Sale

Memorial Day Weekend – a time to honor and remember the troops, and take a break from the daily routine. And what better more cost-effective way to take a break than by diving into a great book for only $0.99!

This Memorial Day Weekend, check out these great books by indie and small-press authors – all priced at $0.99 or less.

Note that pricing is set by the authors, so please confirm before you buy.

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Japanese spirit Amabie…..

Of course we didn’t hear it first from our famed moderator, but Fox News did a story on it.
Japanese spirit Amabie, a mythical mermaid monster, revived to ward off coronavirus

Amabie is a yokai that fights viruses. Read about the legend of Amabie here.... [Read More]


Walking the Walk

I compared to a lot of you walked uphill to school in only one direction. My town had one weather pattern drizzle. Sometimes it was wet drizzle. Other times it was about to drizzle. Rarely did it have white drizzle in the winter.

During grade school the daily ritual started at home. I would be sent off with provisions and a stern warning to look not only left but right when crossing the roaming areas of the cars. (I was always puzzled why after the first 500 times this warning was continue. It was like, “Don’t forget your name, son!”)... [Read More]


P. G. Goes to Wall Street

I read “Where are the Customers’ Yachts?” recently. It was a fun read and the best way to describe it is a P.G. Wodehouse view of the Street. It was filled with clever ways of thinking about the stock market. The reason I read the book was Warren Buffet recommended it. The book had a blurb by Michael Lewis among others.

... [Read More]



I was out this morning and saw a beautiful half moon in the sky. I wanted so much to share it with you that I went back to the house to get my cell phone.

This is what I got. Then I decided to go home and get my Canon with the 12x optical zoom. I took some pictures but they too were unsatisfying. Life is hard without (a) zoom.

I came home and looked on Bezos’ Bazaar to see what my options were. I saw a Canon Powershot with a 50x optical that said, “Buy me!” but the One-Click of Claiming didn’t happen. ... [Read More]


SpaceX Crew Dragon Docking Simulator

SpaceX have released a free Crew Dragon docking simulator which runs within your browser.  Simply click the link, read the instructions, and try your hand at it.  It’s also fun just to fly around the 3D model of the International Space Station.  The simulator is a clone of the user interface used in the actual spacecraft, and the physics of the thrusters and spacecraft are simulated.  If you’d like some tips to get started and an example of docking, here is a Scott Manley video showing how it’s done.