Knowledge Base: Posting Videos Anybody Can View

Square peg, round holeIf you’ve recorded a video and wish to include it in a post or comment on the site, if you proceed in the most straightforward way, it’s essentially certain only some people will be able to view it.  This is due to the Balkanisation of video formats, which  more than two decades after video on the Web became commonplace, remain a swamp of proprietary formats, patent lock-ins and -outs, royalty claims, and attempts by browser vendors to lock in users to their associated mobile devices.

It is possible to navigate this minefield and post videos (almost) everybody can view, but it’s neither easy nor straightforward.  This note is written as much as anything as a memo to file so I don’t have to summon the information every time I need to fix a posted video, but if you’re willing to install the required tools and carefully follow the instructions, you can make it work.... [Read More]


Life Hack from My Subconscious

Last night, I dreamed that I hit someone’s old truck—but then I took a second look, and wasn’t so sure it happened. So my solution was to get the owner, show him his truck, and say, “Do you notice anything different about your bumper?” Remember this next time you run into someone’s vehicle in the parking lot and are not sure what to do.


A Non-Narnian Monopod Arrives Soon

I am “buying” a monopod by paying shipment and a future lunch. (How long can I milk the pandemic to get out of treating? I am not asking for a friend.)
I put up this post to place your orders for things you want me to photograph. What in Japan do you want to see?

I will try the moon shot again. And maybe the “house on the hill”.... [Read More]


for the moon watchers…

A few days ago or was it weeks, 10 Cents did some moon images with, I presume, his new camera. Finally I had a clear night and attempted to do the same. But not really ever getting into my camera to understand settings, I just let it fly. So here you are 10 Cents;

The first is no zoom…... [Read More]


Owen Benjamin’s Karma Ran Over Patreon’s Dogma

Comedian Owen Benjamin, not to be confused with YouTuber Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), was kicked off Patreon last year. His supporters on Patreon were not pleased and used a provision of Patreon’s terms of service to demand arbitration for their complaints. This provision required Patreon to front the arbitration fees.

Patreon’s terms included language that allowed any users of the plaltform to litigate their case individually under California’s JAMS arbitration scheme.... [Read More]


Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson: Big Tech censors COVID-19 video featuring doctors

QUOTE; “Social media giants pulled the video of doctors in lab coats talking about coronavirus research and they hid it from the public.”

IMHO; a darn good presentation, I encourage you to watch it. The video has been posted under a different heading, what I am hoping to illustrate is his observations on this and the reason(s) for the demon-crats and big business and internet giants blocking it thereby influencing the election.

A whole new version of dirty politics…... [Read More]


Sec. of State Pompeo: Regime Change in China

On 2020-07-23 U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo spoke at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library at Yorba Linda, California on “Communist China and the Free World’s Future” [transcript].  While he never used the exact words, the message was explicit.  The era of “constructive engagement” with the Chinese Communist Party is at an end, and U.S. policy must be directed toward protecting its interests from an aggressive, tyrannical, and deceitful regime which is oppressing the Chinese people.  Since communist dictatorships don’t “get better”, this essentially commits the U.S. to a policy of regime change in China.

... [Read More]


‘K’ is for Water Buffalo (Part One)

I stood looking down at a pair of new Mary Jane’s, black with yellow linings. My sister and I were to go to Thai school, now that we had moved to town from the village, and we were both to be enrolled in Kindergarten 2. The first thing my mother saw to was our uniforms: crisp, white button-up shirts with our names embroidered in blue on the pockets, blue pleated skirts, and the prescribed footwear. My sister’s shoes, lined up neatly next to mine, were smaller. Of course they were. I was older than she–older and probably wiser than Missy and most kids in the class, since I was seven, and Missy only five.

We’d driven past the campus before, Missy and I noting a playground that we would surely be lucky enough to play on every day. Then school began. And as we lined up, sang songs, learned the alphabet, and went to assemblies, we found out that school was a lot more than shoes and playgrounds and choosing a name for one’s pocket that would be easy to pronounce in Thai. That, having known so far only home education with my mom, there were a lot of things we hadn’t considered. We were about to be schooled in not only the rudiments of Thai, but of life as well.... [Read More]


Fitness Watch Won’t Run

My Garmin watch doesn’t connect to its app anymore. It has been down for days. “Down for Maintenance. Check back later.” It appears it is under a ransom ware attack. What is one to do when the fitness watch doesn’t run anymore?

This is a foretaste of the future of the nightmare of interconnectivity. I had no idea that a lot of functions on the app needed to contact the “mothership”.


Who Switched the Price Tags: Celebrity Culture

It is hard to believe that some of the most vapid people on the planet are getting microphones and cameras on them. What gets me is how egotistical they are. They think reading a script and emoting counts for something. Why are not more people who actually create and make things better on our screens? Why does the 24/7 news cycle have more in common with pro wrestling with folding chairs than serious dialog? We live in the Information Age but it is more quantity than quality. People are living in their own “reality” show now. Soon they will be cancelled.


D.C. and Other Adventures, Part Three

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As we pulled out of the college complex and its air-conditioned world of elevators and babies, my sister cried. She had bonded with one of the young married ladies whose card-playing circle had been so friendly to us. I internally rolled my eyes, not happy to have it end, but ready to move on without emotional displays. The next stage, whatever it was, did not promise fun summer memories. For one thing, the back section of the station wagon, where my older brother had applied his spatial skills to creating a luxurious nest, was now packed nearly full with my dad’s display table materials for church visits. There remained a four-by-two strip back there for one weary traveler at a time to lie down and rest, sans seatbelt.... [Read More]


D.C. and Other Adventures, Part Two

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Arizona and the swimming pool far behind us, ensconced in our plush burgundy interior, we pressed on toward our vague summer destination in D.C. as the American landscape flashed past our windows. Long trips can mean being entertained by small things, such as the trick of the eye where, if you fix your gaze on the telephone poles, your vision will slide up the pole and down the drooping wires in a repetitive, undulating motion.... [Read More]