Watching the exchange earlier today between Ted Cruz and Jack Dorsey, with each sporting epic beards, reminded me of a hit song from my youth, “Elvira” by the Oak Ridge Boys, released back in 1981. I kept expecting one of them to start singing “giddy-up ba-oom papa oom papa mao mao.”

Here’s a video of the Oak Ridge Boys performing the hit song at an awards ceremony back in the early ‘80s:... [Read More]


This Sums It Up For Me

I mind the inconveniences of the WuFlu less than I’m offended by the stupidity of it all. People donning amulets to protect themselves from a frightening, unseen danger is something associated with the distant past or with primitive cultures. As Derb said about something else, “You might as well put a bone through your nose.”


I am here for the October Special

I get one free month of Ratburger.org during October. All I had to do with type in the Discount Code “Amy: Schumer’s Worst Nightmare” If I upgrade I can get fries and a large Coke. Do you think it is worth it? Super Premium Members can get a signed napkin and a PLASTIC PLATINUM STRAW. (It is the LAST STRAW you will ever need.)


I had a friend

I had a friend who was struggling meeting people. She was afraid of what they were thinking. In actuality I think the problem was she thought bad about herself and therefore thought others thought the same. On that day I had a minor epiphany. I thought about happy people in my life. I thought about when I was happy. I found that I was happiest thinking how wonderful another person was. At that time I complete forgot about me and thought about them. I find other people fascinating. I especially like when they smile or laugh. (I am smiling because I met a nice married couple around 6 AM this morning.)