Puzzle: Numbers in the U.S. Constitution

U.S. Constitution, top of documentThe U.S. Constitution contains all kinds of numbers: cardinal and ordinal numbers, absolute dates, measures of duration, quantities of money, fractions, and areas.  There are, as best I can determine, no irrational, transcendental, complex, or transfinite numbers in the document (although the latter may eventually be required if an amendment is adopted regarding the public debt).

You can probably guess the function of many of these numbers, but there are some curious ones lurking in there whose significance may be less than obvious.  Without looking at the document or performing a Web search, can you recall (or guess) in what context(s) the following numbers are used?  For the purposes of this puzzle, I use the text of the Constitution and the 27 adopted amendments as published by the U.S. National Archives.... [Read More]