Without a Veep

Did you ever wonder how important the vice-president is? One way to figure out is to know how well the government can survive without one.

Would you care to guess how many days the USA was without a vice-president? I will give you a hint. It was over a 1000 days. Please put a number in a comment than look at the answer.

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TOTD 2018-9-3: Seven Seas

Pop Quiz


How many of the Seven Seas can you name?

In the comments give us your number.


TOTD 2018-8-23: Do you trust me?

Have you ever met a person who just can’t stop padding their resume? There comes a point where you can’t trust them. The most interesting man in the world just can’t happen.

Say a person says:

  1. I eat sea gulls raw.
  2. I am so rich I own the speedway.
  3. I am a sports hero.
  4. Oh, I am a war hero too.
  5. I am a company president.
  6. Besides that I have my own airlines.
  7. My girlfriend is Morgan Fairchild.
  8. Do you want to see my Medal of Honor?

How many of the eight would you believe a person could have in one life?


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TOTD 2018-8-16: Airline Call Signs

Air traffic controllers usually call airlines by their names but some airlines have interesting call signs. See if you know these airlines from their call signs. Take the test and tell us how many out of 10 you got in the comments.

Ex. Smart Cat is TigerAir Taiwan. (Often the call sign comes from the company logo or more precise the prior company logo at times.)

  1. Speedbird
  2. Springbok
  3. Cactus
  4. Shamrock
  5. Dynasty
  6. Big Bird
  7. Sasquatch
  8. Clipper
  9. Redwood
  10. Citrus



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TOTD 2018-8-11: Some of All Fears

It is time again to take stock of the willies. I will give you a test to see if you can figure these out. I will put the answers in the spoiler.

  1. Acrophobia
  2. Spheksophobia
  3. Oenophobia
  4. Zoophobia
  5. Verbophobia
  6. Radiophobia
  7. Selachophobia
  8. Placophobia
  9. Pagophobia
  10. Nebulaphobia
  11. Heterophobia

Write your answers in a comment and  then check the spoiler and tell us how many you got right. If you got all of them right, it means either you are super smart or afraid of everything.
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TOTD 2018-6-12: 負けるが勝ち–Proverb

It is Japanese lesson time. I will share the meaning of two Chinese characters used in Japanese and from that come up with the meaning of the proverb in the title of this post.

In the title there is 負ける-makeru that has the character for loss. 勝ち-kachi that has the character for win or victory.

Good luck!!!


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Ever hear of Camp Century and Iceworm?

I just recently found out about this. It was built with Swiss technology.


Where was this camp made?

When was this camp made?

What was the purpose of this camp?

What happened to the camp?


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TOTD 2018-5-26: The Price is Right

In Japan, the essential appliance is the rice cooker. You wash the rice put the rice in and appropriate amount of water then push a button. That’s it. In about 30 to 40 minutes you have perfect rice. If you want you can do it at night and set the timer so you can wake up to rice for breakfast.

For this game I will make the exchange rate 100 yen to a dollar. So if you guess $20 and the price is 2000 yen you win. The closest guess without going over the amount wins.

This rice cooker is a brand name and can make 5.5 cups of rice.


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