Iconoclast protesters loot Catholic churches

This is a story from Chile.  Or, perhaps it is a non-story from Chile.

Street protests turned violent in Santiago last week, and have persisted into this week.  Anti-government protesters have been wearing masks, looking like AntiFa anarchists, and attacking government buildings.

Of course, once Leftist mobs turn violent, it is unlikely that their energy will maintain focus.  They soon attacked another target.   Catholic churches became prey for the mob.  Several were looted for materials to add to street barricades.  Statues of Jesus and Mary were destroyed.

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Catholic Barr

Attorney General William P. Barr spoke last month to the Law School at Notre Dame. It was a long speech, and I did not take the time to listen to it. But it stirred up some controversy, so I stashed the transcript and eventually got around to reading it. The speech is focused on religious liberty and American society. I thought it was a great speech; Leftists attacked it as “theocracy!” of course. Here are long excerpts; I thought it was so good that I have only cut it down by half or so. I will put a link to the full transcript in the first comment if you would rather have the full Barr. This is the excerpted version:... [Read More]



I recently learned a new word. We already were familiar with “madrassa,” which is an Islamic school. An “Almajiri” is also an Islamic school. The word comes from Nigeria and specifically refers to a boarding school. Almajiris are in the news because the Nigerian military recently raided a number of schools.

This has been building up for months. President Buhari spoke against the Almajirai in speeches in June and July. There was a fanfare that quickly faltered in August, about some reforms in government schools.

But for a month now, Nigeria has been rocked by raids on private schools, almajirai, and the exposure led to additional raids, with some school owners, headmasters and teachers arrested, and other owners, headmasters and teachers on the run. It turned out that stolen children were being hidden in several almajirai, kept as slaves in shackles, and, in some cases, subjected to rape in addition to beatings.

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Xi v. Christians

China demolished a church.   Not just any church; this was an impressive megachurch that was built for massive worship services.  There was no warning.   Demolition crews and police showed up during a worship service, started tearing the building down with a large track crane, and evicted the worshippers.   The next day they arrested the pastors:

“…officials detained the church’s pastors, Geng Yimin and Sun Yongyao, on suspicion of “gathering a crowd to disturb social order.””

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Bringing back our girls

No, not those girls from Chibok.   At least 150 of those girls have never been heard from.

This was 22 girls who were freed by the Nigerian military, along with 125 boys, from a “school” where they were imprisoned hostages.

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Papyrus Manuscripts

You learned in school how the Egyptians took the pith from papyrus sedges and used it to make a writing product like paper. We study ancient Egyptian society because they were literate and left a lot of written records. Also, their dry climate preserves papyrus, so that Egypt has yielded a lot of ancient writings. This makes Egypt a favorite field of archaeological study.

Some of the most-studied artifacts of the ancient world are papyrus copies of New Testament books. Scholars study, debate, quarrel, and publish frequently regarding these precious bits of early Christian culture.

        Christian “book culture”

There are some interesting things that can be learned about the early Christians from their manuscripts. This is to pass along a few things I have learned that may be of use to some of you.

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Trolling the NPCs

Normies and NPCs* freak out in Massachusetts over signs posted around town that read “Islam Is RIGHT About Women.” The most fun element of this is the confused looks on the faces of the individuals interviewed and the news-robots reporting. They don’t understand the message but they’re certain it’s hate speech.

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Our Simulation

The universe we inhabit is a simulation. It was created by a being that has power to meddle within the sim, but chooses to tweak the sim on relatively rare instances. The Creator did create the sim with a purpose in mind, and characters in the sim develop into final form through the process of interactions in the sim with elements of the sim and interactions with other characters.

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Bereitschaftspotential and Free Will

The headline reads “A Famous Argument Against Free Will Has Been Debunked.” It was prominently displayed at the top of the default Google News Spotlight for several days. The article was at The Atlantic.

The headline is wrong, but the underlying story describes a blow to Determinism that I want to bring to your attention. The news hook behind this particular story is new research getting underway to investigate findings originally reported in a 2012 paper. It provides a needed corrective to a meme that has been going around since the 1980s.

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Chick-fil-A is speciesist

Chick-fil-A exploits chickens for profit.   The below is excerpted from an actual news article:

“Many U.S. cities, campuses, and retail outlets have refused to allow Chick-fil-A to locate within their spaces, and/or have been vocal opponents of the corporation’s hateful values,” the statement continued. “Toronto and the rest of Canada need to be next in line.”... [Read More]


The Party that Boos God

Y’all remember the 2012 Democrat Convention, where the delegates booed God.   Well, they are still at it.   They passed a resolution at the DNC summer meeting.   It celebrates the unreligious and includes a swipe at religious people.

Here is the resolution:... [Read More]


The Fullness of Time and Diaspora

A few weeks ago, in my “New religiongeschichtliche Schule” post, Hypatia made an observation that prompted this post. She observed that many people think that Jesus appeared at the time he did because God had devised a world in which the Gospel could spread rapidly and far and wide:

Christianity could not have arisen except out of the Jewish scriptures.  Nor, I learned in  my Bible class, could it have spread across the globe if it hadn’t arisen within the far-flung empire of Rome.  That period was “ the fullness of time”.

I absolutely agree with this thinking, and want to make a few observations on point.

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Celebrate Religious Persecution Day

How long has it been since you saw any news or discussion about the global persecution of Christians?   (I mean, besides my posts.)   The churches are under attack all over the world, with dozens or sometimes hundreds killed monthly.   This carnage goes unnoticed by American mass media.   In fact, American mass media seem determined to keep this information hidden.   American Christians are not acting to help Christians around the world because they do not know the extent of the plight.

Other religious minorities experience persecution.   This also gets neglected by the purveyors of “news.”   But the one clear thing about religious persecution is, it mostly affects Christians, and it is overwhelmingly attributable to Muslims and Communists.

In recognition of the extents of religious persecution, the United Nations declared August 22, 2019 to be an “International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief.”

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Muslim jihad in Africa July 2019

This post is a follow-up to my Ramadan Bombathon and June posts about Muslim jihad in Africa. This is a story of great violence wrought by jihadiis in a dozen countries. This violence is a continuation of centuries of violence along the edges of Muslim lands, but the scene in Africa has become increasingly deadly in the years since the 9/11 attacks on America in 2001. That event seemed to precipitate fresh infusions of cash from oil-rich Arabs, who gave support to Wahhabi madrassas that taught violent jihad, and who gave money for purchase of black market small arms to give to jihadiis all over the world.

Below I am simply listing incidents of violent jihad in Africa that made it to Christian niche media in the weeks since my post in mid-June. There were undoubtedly additional acts of violence that went unreported. None of this made it into mass media journalism in America, so all of it is probably news to y’all.... [Read More]



Let your holy angel be with me, that the evil foe may have no power over me!”

This is to provide a Christian view of angels and demons. Angels and demons are created spiritual beings, created by God before He created the world. They all were angels when they were created. God made them in kinds, so that there are angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim, and other kinds of angels.

Before we go any further I need to note that I am writing for a group that includes several materialists who think this entire topic is fictional. I chose to write because I have seen several recent references to demons and occult subjects. Also because there are lots of goofy things going around media and the internet about angels and demons, I thought it appropriate and reasonable to provide a little bit of clarity regarding the orthodox Christian basics regarding spiritual beings. With Americans increasingly embracing a roll-your-own approach to religion, more and more of our people are vulnerable both to shallow superstitions and to really dark spiritual forces.

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