COPS: Impeachment Edition

COPS logoI’ve been cleaning up an agenda of far too much system administration and deadline-driven writing tonight on far too little sleep, so I’ve had the C-SPAN2 feed of the U.S. Senate impeachment proceedings on the auxiliary screen, often muted, just as an annealing input to keep me from dozing off.

The one thing I found striking is that whenever the Senate is in recess, they show scenes within the capitol with solons and their hangers-on in various corridors and escalators or power, and wherever you see them, you see COPS.  Yes, COPS, with silly hats, badges, and shoulder patches.  Not the odd one or two, but lots of COPS, sometimes four of five of them talking to one another.  COPS standing near doors looking important, heads swiveling as people walk by.  I don’t have enough resolution to see if they’re armed.... [Read More]


Replacement for his royal highness….

Ya’ know, this has gone too far. Now he wants us to call him; “Your royal highness”! Impeachment is too good for him and if we let the democrats in this forum in charge of it, well you know how that goes, it will take forever.

I propose we just look for a replacement, and I have just the puppets in mind that will fill the bill nicely. They once stared on a segment of MTV and now they say they are ready to come out of retirement! Isn’t that great?... [Read More]


DNN: The Truthiest Name in News

In a move to show how unbiased they are CNN has changed their name to the Democratic News Network.

A person on deep background boldly stated anonymously , “We are tired of living in the closet. We want to express our love.” This comes as a shock to Don Lemon who had no idea the network was in favor of Democrats. Anderson Cooper on the other hand had on his “I (heart) Biden” button to mark the occasion.


Echo into the Future

Dateline: Paris, October 17, 2021: The trial of Salvatore Savini commenced today for the alleged arson hoax of the Notre Dame Cathedral in April of 2019.

The fanatic Christian is charged with arson, fraud and a hate crime for planting Islamic artifacts in an attempt to mislead investigators into believing the arson of the Notre Dame Cathedral was perpetrated by Islamic radicals.... [Read More]