some help to get you through the day…

Just a few little funnies…

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Let me apologize first…..

Let me apologize first…..

The title of this clip is: “Woman are delicate”. This is NO WAY intended to offend anyone. (except of course certain people in Japan who will find fault with everything I post… not mentioning any names.)

It was probably staged, but still funny.

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A different type of action from the FTC.

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission, has not yet given up on targeting telephone scammers. But to make it mildly entertaining for you, they have come out with a “FTC Scam Bingo”. While there is no mention of any prizes for this bingo, it may be entertaining to play for some. Please see here.

If you want to access the “FTC Scam Bingo” card directly use this link.... [Read More]


I Write the Code

Yesterday, a friend of mine texted me a link to a podcast, the subject of which was Bill Gates and how he (with not inconsiderable help from his family) built the Microsoft empire. At the end of the podcast was this wonderful parody by David Pogue of Barry Manilow’s hit (and piano bar staple) from 1975, “I Write the Songs”:

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