TOTD 2020-1-25: The Three Most Powerful Words in the English Language

This is a test. I am going to see if you come up with the words I came up with. I doubt it but you might surprise me. Put up a comment with your guess and then look at the spoiler.

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TOTD 2020-1-24: Who was that masked man?

Are you now wearing or have you ever worn a surgical type mask in public?

In Japan, people wear masks around allergy, cold, and flu season. Sometimes it is for prevention of getting something and at other times it is to prevent giving something. What do you think of the practice?... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-1-19: What do you see?

There is a saying, “You hit what you aim for.” What is in your viewfinder? Do you see something of beauty or something ugly? This also means the mind’s eye. Does your mind dwell on the good or the bad? What I have seen for many people is their lack of awareness that they can change their views. (Pun intended.)

I keep trying to work up an aphorism for complaining and its opposite. Complainers have the stench but not the stretch. Or complainers deplete not complete/compete.


TOTD 2020-1-18: Buying the President

There was an interesting book called “Selling the President 1968”. Now there needs to be a new book “Buying the President 2020”. Steyer and Bloomberg are pouring money in an effort to buy the office. Bloomberg is even saying he will continue running ads to destroy Trump if he doesn’t get the nomination. This is terrible for the country. I saw a clip of Democrats throwing out their principles because Bloomberg was throwing money their way. They would be up in arms if the rich person was on the other side. I want to believe the electorate are smart enough but I worry. A 100 million here and a 100 million there and you get to be talking about serious money.


TOTD 2020-1-16: Beware of the Ides of January

1957 9-county commission recommends creation of BART
1970 An Evil Man is Born
1976 “Donny & Marie” [Osmond] musical variety show premieres on ABC TV
1988 NFL St Louis Cardinals announce move to Phoenix
1991 Operation Desert Storm begins, with US-led coalition forces bombing Iraq, during the Gulf War
1995 7.2 earthquake destroys Kobe, Japan and kills 5,372
2020 Impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump begins in the Senate
Almost all came from this site. [Read More]


Musings on Turning 50

A Man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
—Muhammad Ali

I turn 50 today. Humans make meaning out of randomness, and since we use base 10 math, birthdays ending in zero can be a big deal. I find that 50 is an opportunity for reflection on my life. I always had goals for age 50, some spoken and some just more understood. Part of the wonder I have is how I have changed in ways that Bryan of 30 years ago cannot even imagine.... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-1-15: Impeachment 3.0

America had the first impeachment after the civil war. Andrew Johnson was the answer to the only president who was impeached. This lasted till the 1970s. In my life time this is Impeachment 3.0. Here is the list.

  1. Nixon 1.0
  2. Clinton 2.0
  3. Trump 3.0

This impeachment is for the crime of winning in my opinion. Do you know how many millions of dollars were lost to the Clinton Foundation by that not having Hillary be the First Madame?


TOTD 2020-1-12: Are you a staple chef?

What do you consider your staple food? In Japan, the staple that meal is made around is rice. One starts with that than adds side dishes. The Japanese are so into this thinking that often they think that America or the West eats bread like rice. We live so many areas and have such a diverse background I am wondering what the go to food is.