TOTD 2018-8-19: Fighting War World II

I remember a friend telling me that WW2 was fought with paper and typewriters. That got me thinking of the other things that were lacking that we take for granted. Here is a list.

  1. Pallets and Containers (They used a lot of cargo nets at that time. A lot was moved by  hand.)
  2. Copy machines (I think carbon paper did most of this work.)
  3. Cell phones (They had walkie-talkies but they were cumbersome.)
  4. Helicopters (It took a lot of time to get the wounded to the hospital.)
  5. E-mail (People wrote letters that took weeks or longer to get to people.)
  6. Good weather forecasts (This can really help if you are in the middle of an ocean.)

What am I missing? Oh, there was no CNN.

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TOTD 2018-8-16: Airline Call Signs

Air traffic controllers usually call airlines by their names but some airlines have interesting call signs. See if you know these airlines from their call signs. Take the test and tell us how many out of 10 you got in the comments.

Ex. Smart Cat is TigerAir Taiwan. (Often the call sign comes from the company logo or more precise the prior company logo at times.)

  1. Speedbird
  2. Springbok
  3. Cactus
  4. Shamrock
  5. Dynasty
  6. Big Bird
  7. Sasquatch
  8. Clipper
  9. Redwood
  10. Citrus


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TOTD 2018-8-15: Common Sense

I don’t know about you but it bothers me more to have to deal with someone without any common sense than someone who disagrees with me. Someone who lacks a modicum of awareness is hard to deal with. The more they communicate the more you shudder. The question is what does one do.

What one does not do is use logic. That will not work. 2 plus 2 equals 5 so saying something different is wrong. How do they know? “Well, everyone knows that. Are you a troublemaker?” Humor is often lost on them because they can’t figure out the joke. I guess the only thing to do is try to not put oneself in situations with the commonsensically challenged.

How about you?

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TOTD 2018-8-14: Misunderstandings

I am bi-cultural. That means I can make mistakes in two cultures. I remember early on having a kind Japanese friend. I consider myself kind as well. One would think two kind people would agree how to act. No it doesn’t work that way. For example is talking kinder than letting someone be by themselves. Does helping a person or feeling it is kinder to not butt in? Do you take the first “No” to be the answer or keep asking? Depending on the culture one would make different decisions.

Most of us have a habit of thinking the other person thinks like us. Their actions are bad for my actions would be bad if I did that. An example of this is speaking loudly. One person could be perfectly calm and friendly speaking loudly whereas another would be red faced mad. Some words are meant to be down to earth by some where for others they are used to trash people. It depends on the person and the context.

Do you Ratz have any stories of misunderstandings?

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TOTD 2018-8-13: Bygone Eateries

I was talking with a friend and the name Shakey’s came up. They used to be the first big pizza chain that I remember. They even had one here in Kobe. I got to thinking of old restaurants and eateries. Here is my list so far.

  1. Shakey’s
  2. Woolworth Soda fountain
  3. A & W drive-in
  4. Safeway Snack Bar
  5. Sambo’s

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TOTD 2018-8-12: Bygone Brands

I was watching an old TV show sponsored by Benrus watches. I remember Geritol commercials too. There was some brands that went from ubiquitous to rarely heard again. How about we go to the nearby Woolworth and sit at the counter and order something from the soda fountain?

So the list so far.

  1. Benrus watches
  2. Geritol
  3. Woolworth
  4. Kress
  5. .
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .
  9. .
  10. .

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TOTD 2018-8-11: Some of All Fears

It is time again to take stock of the willies. I will give you a test to see if you can figure these out. I will put the answers in the spoiler.

  1. Acrophobia
  2. Spheksophobia
  3. Oenophobia
  4. Zoophobia
  5. Verbophobia
  6. Radiophobia
  7. Selachophobia
  8. Placophobia
  9. Pagophobia
  10. Nebulaphobia
  11. Heterophobia

Write your answers in a comment and  then check the spoiler and tell us how many you got right. If you got all of them right, it means either you are super smart or afraid of everything.
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