The Fascists

Okay here’s what I think happened.let me know if you agree.

You  remember after the 2016 election,  these black-hooded maniacs were out there in places like Portland, breaking  glass, breaking heads.  (Of course they aren’t anti-Fascists, they are  fascists.  Isn’t this exactly what the Brownshirts did?  Anyway, it was scary that they existed at all, even though they seemed fairly insignificant then.... [Read More]


The Riots and Pride Month- The breakdown of a coalition

It’s June and the rainbows should be coming out, and are but with significantly little fanfare. The fact that half of the cites that would have hosted Pride Parades are currently on lockdown and on fire right now, it looks like this month’s Pride festivities will be less than stellar. Also, there is another interesting wrinkle and more evidence of the left’s coalition breaking down. On my Alma Mater’s Twitter page, they put up a big rainbow flag to celebrate Pride Month. Well the long knives were out from those in the black community. They were ticked because they felt that this point in time might not be the best to take the spotlight away from the struggle in the black community and put it towards the celebration of the LGBT community. Get ready cause the sparks will start flying soon.


What We Haven’t Seen Amidst the Chaos

I have been monitoring Drudge Report throughout the COVID-19 (self-made) crisis, and all during this time, the COVID news was up-front and the first thing you saw upon the page loading or the app opening on your phone. Well, that has suddenly changed in the past week since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis, MN police. This is a strange occurrence given that just three to four weeks ago, when another set of protestors hit the scene to demand that state governors allow for the opening of markets so that people can go back to work, Drudge not only kept the COVID news front and center, but linked to numerous stories about how these freedom protests were going to further the spread of the invisible killer. If you look at his page now, you will be hard pressed to find a single COVID story. Now, as of yesterday (Sunday, May 31, 2020), he did have a single link to a story about how these riots could spread COVID. However, it was nothing like it was earlier in the month of May.

Another thing that is quite striking is how the riots have completely blown the COVID news off the front page of news. Not only on Drudge, but on other sites that I frequent, like PJ Media, The American Conservative, and Real Clear Politics have all refocused their attention to riots instead of COVID. I am wondering if all this COVID news prior to last week was just another blunt object with which the press bludgeoned Trump? I mean if COVID can spread amongst a mostly white crowd of people protesting the complete strangling of the open markets in various States, then surely COVID can spread among a mostly black crowd of people protesting the complete strangling of a man for nothing more than passing a counterfeit $20? (Also, a pro-tip, with nearly $25 trillion in public debt and the contemplation of adding another $3 trillion on that, ALL of the 20s are counterfeit, as are the ones, the fives, and the quarters.)... [Read More]


Karlyn Gets It

Dr Lorentz, I have to eat some crow. I might have been a bit to harsh on the good Dr Karlyn, but after this video I would say she has my tots respect.

She gets it. I love this video, because I have had this reaction SO MANY TIMES!! My friends would say stuff and I would think “wait, they can’t be this dumb can they?” Oh yes, they can. Check out her video, it’s only about 10 mins long and her reaction is priceless.... [Read More]


We That Are True Lovers Get Into Strange Capers…

….notably, this afternoon for love of my daughter, I went to a Black Lives Matter  protest of George Floyd’s death, in Wilkes Barre, Pa.

My daughter announced she was going and asked if we wanted to come.  I said, as lawyers we shouldn’t risk arrest— especially, she  shouldn’t, poised at the beginning of a law career in which she would be well-positioned to  work for system-wide change.  Sha said she attends protests all the time, I said, I know, but you’re home now, and I’m…aware.  . Well, I didn’t want to sit home worrying for 5 hours, so I said I’d go, and so did my BMD.  We’ve both had less-than-pleasant experiences at the hands of cops, and I am furious with this Chauvin bozo.  WHAT could he have been thinking?... [Read More]


Gown vs.Town: the Indemnity Issue

Just off the phone with an eminent professor emerita of Slavic Languages (my sister) who said she thought many colleges wouldn’t ever reopen.  Oh maybe those with huge endowments would..but most of ‘em, not unless they get legislation protecting them from  liability.
Leaving aside for the nonce my feelings about the four-year winter sleepover camps which are  undergraduate colleges, it seems to me academic institutions are the last businesses who have to worry about indemnity.
Unlike retail businesses where there’s no telling who will walk in the door, colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to extract waivers from all enrollees.  They already require students to sign myriad pledges relating to diversity and anti-heterosexuality.  All they have to do is add an assumption of the risk of contracting Covid, agreement not to start an action , and a proviso that if they do start suit and lose, they will pay the university’s counsel fees.  Maybe give a slight tuition reduction as consideration for the new promise.
Of course this doesn’t mean they couldn’t be sued, and neither would a statute conferring immunity.  No law can preliminarily enjoin access to the courts.  But it would mean any such suit could Probably be disposed of summarily,  and at no cost to the institution, and great cost to the plaintiffs.

Taking a snapshot  as of June 2020, it seems to me educational institutions are in much better  position than any other businesses.  They were paid Tuition through this point, right?  And I haven’t heard of any of them offering any tuition refunds.  Plus they must’ve saved a lot of money they’d have had  to to expend on heat, Janitorial services, food services, etc.... [Read More]


Musings on a good day after a depressing night

I got very tired of the protest turned riot porn being fed by our “media” yesterday. We have become a nation that has been conditioned to react to bright shiny objects that are fed to us. The latest crisis of the day is a sterling example. In a nation of over 300 million, some very bad things happen to a fair number of people every hour of every day. We lose all perspective as one event is packaged, scripted and given immense airtime.

Nonetheless, today ended well in my mind. The rapid escalation of ‘riot events” , staged in cities with Democrat administrations who have a history of ‘let it burn rather than confront, as long it is in “their” neighborhood’ as well as collaboration with Antifa and such groups , the ready media response all proved that we were seeing a well orchestrated event. ... [Read More]