Incredible Hulks

I have an idea….it’s crazy, just..might…WORK!  Okay, you know all those vacant cruise ships?  Well, fortunately both NY and Fla are coastal cities.  Let’s use them as prison vessels, like they used decommissioned ships in 19th Century England !  (See Great Expectations, if you don’t get the “hulks” reference. ). Evacuate the population of New York City, and of Florida (pretty much the same people, after all)  off-shore and onto these floating concentration camps.

Fox reported this morning that police (police!) in Rhode Island are going door to door inquiring whether the residents are hiding any New Yorkers.... [Read More]


The Other China Possibility

What if China’s virus numbers and the 21 million cell phone account reduction are telling the same story?  Along with the expulsion of foreign journalists, the disappearing of online critics, and the utter silence from anybody except Xi?

What if China “liquidated” huge numbers of people to contain the virus?... [Read More]


There Actually Is Leadership In Our Midst

Congressman Thomas Massie–who I can assure you is hated by both the Left and the Right–is making a stand for Liberty by requiring that the vote on the $2.2 trillion money grab coming out of DC be a recorded vote and not a voice vote. Good job Congressman Massie.


Either there is a Conspiracy, or I am going crazy

There was a great video of a doctor in Kiryas Yoel (a Satmar Chasiddic community in NY) who said he had been dishing out hydroxychloroquine to literally hundreds of corona-sufferers (the Satmar community has been hammered by the virus). He gives it to anyone with symptoms, and occasionally as a prophylactic to people who are very high risk. He said NOT ONE had to be hospitalized or died. And now the video, which was here, , has been pulled by Youtube. WHY?

One key piece of information is whether we already have antibodies suggesting we have been exposed and now have a resistance/immunity. We all bewail the fact that somehow there are not enough tests. Except that they can be bought on the open market! WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS? Surely it would help to reduce fear and change behavior if we could find out who is actually at risk?!... [Read More]


Leadership In a Time of Crisis…

It is wonderful to know that the FBI will be involved in defending the people from those dastardly “terrorists” who intentionally attempt to spread Corona. They are such fine people at the FBI and would never find themselves enforcing laws on the public that they would not first enforce upon themselves.