Monday Meals: Pan-dering

I had an old non-stick pan that stop being non-stick so I decided to buy a new fry pan. I had no idea how many types of non-stick, cast iron, enamel, and ceramic pans there are. You have to think not only about heat but electricity because Inductive Heating is big here. That is the system where the pan not the stove becomes hot through an electric current. Long story short I bought a pan and later in the comments will share the specifics of the purchase.

Here is a picture of the icons that came with the pan. Can you figure out the different stoves?
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Monday Meals 19-6-17: Edamame

Edamame are soybeans that are boiled or steamed. You pop them out of their pods into your mouth. They are a great snack. Usually they are salted. Recently I have bought the frozen ones since they aren’t in season yet. Mmm, they are good.


Monday Meals: 2019-06-03

Roast Goat Quarter

Roast goat quarter: ingredients

Easter dinner at Fourmilab is usually the traditional Swiss repast of roast leg of goat, served over rice with vegetables. This is an easy-to-prepare, can’t fail meal which is suitable for any occasion. Goat is considered a “red meat”, but I find it most comparable to turkey dark meat in flavour and texture. The taste is unique and not at all gamey. (Of course, this depends upon what the goat was fed. Swiss goats are usually fed on grass and forage; if your goat was fed on garbage and fish heads, all bets are off.)... [Read More]


Monday Meals: Asparagus Glut

Without doubt, spring is here.  Violets are in bloom all over the lawns, and half a bushel of asparagus is hauled in every couple of days.  Any ideas what to do with it?

I hear there are steamers and vertical cylinders and so on.  Right now my go-to method involves a big flat pan with a tight lid. Line the spears up in there; cover barely, just barely, halfway with water; apply the lid; bring to a simmer.  A dramatic color change will impress you:  as soon as they heat up they turn very bright green. So stand right there and be ready to shut it all down and yank them out after about two minutes – before that bright green color begins to dull.... [Read More]


Single Length Golf Clubs

Recently I heard there is a golfer who is using single length golf clubs. (H/T Scott Adams) For those who don’t play golf, the standard golf clubs are of various lengths. The lower the number of the club the longer. Single Length golf clubs are all of the same length. One golfer has improved his game by using these clubs. The advantage of a Single Length club is a golfer would have the same stance and therefore one consistent swing is enough.

Any golfers here who want to opine on this. How about people who love science who want to explain the physics between long and short clubs? For anyone else what is your guess? Is this a fad or will everyone be having these clubs? I remember in tennis how the rackets changed all of a sudden. Has anyone seen a wooden racket recently? ... [Read More]


Monday Meals: Educated Potatoes

This is a plate of “Educated Potatoes”. I am being free with the translation. The Japanese is 大学芋, Daigaku Imo. The first two characters mean “big” and “learning” therefore “college/university”. The last character means “potato’.

As you look at the picture you will see this is not your normal plate of fries. They are not deep fried and they are candied. They are not your normal white potatoes but sweet potatoes covered in a syrup with sesame seeds. This plate came hot and sticky.... [Read More]