Photo Friday 18-8-10

This week the theme will be animals but posting other things is okay.

By Jukka A. Lång – 投稿者自身による作品, CC 表示 3.0,

One day there was a tall handsome foreigner giving a talk before a big picture window. In the middle of that amazing speech people started laughing. “Hmm, I have not said anything funny that I know of. Is there something wrong with my clothing? Well, I will act like nothing happened and finish up.” It wasn’t till later that said foreigner heard that behind him a tanuki had went from right to left in front of the window. The morale of the story is never compete with a tanuki.

Tanukis are also seen as statues in Japanese restaurants.

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Weekly Posts Sign-up August 2018

A new web site needs a lot of varied content. There are three weekly posts to get people talking about food, sports, and photos. The post can be as long or as short as you want.

Have fun and create!

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Photo Friday

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Photo Friday: 18-6-29

It is a $10 fine if they catch you smoking on the street in this part of Kobe. This makes me chuckle because before the nonsmoking section part of a restaurant was the small part in Japan. Now things have changed. The smoking section is small and enclosed.

If you can read the English on the sign, you will see some creativity. 😉

Any photos from your areas?

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