Single Length Golf Clubs

Recently I heard there is a golfer who is using single length golf clubs. (H/T Scott Adams) For those who don’t play golf, the standard golf clubs are of various lengths. The lower the number of the club the longer. Single Length golf clubs are all of the same length. One golfer has improved his game by using these clubs. The advantage of a Single Length club is a golfer would have the same stance and therefore one consistent swing is enough.

Any golfers here who want to opine on this. How about people who love science who want to explain the physics between long and short clubs? For anyone else what is your guess? Is this a fad or will everyone be having these clubs? I remember in tennis how the rackets changed all of a sudden. Has anyone seen a wooden racket recently? ... [Read More]


SPORTS WEDNESDAY: 18-9-5 What Defines a Legend?

The definition of a legend is one who changes the nature of the sport and forces his competitors to innovate their game in order to compete. By these standards, the three greats in my lifetime are:

1.Lawrence Taylor #56 Giants LB
... [Read More]


Sports Wednesday: 2018-8-15 The In-gate is Open

As the sun sets on the ides of August, I bring you one of the most annoying things that can happen at a horse show: the open in-gate.  An open in-gate is exactly what it sounds like…the entrance to the arena is empty. Everyone is waiting for the next competitor.  The judge is annoyed.  The other competitors are cooling their jets trying to quash their nerves, worried that their trainer is going to put them in out of order.  There is gossip about the inexperienced trainer who is somewhere else, holding up the show.... [Read More]


Wednesday Sports: Ski Down K2? “Nie Ma Problem!”

So this góral named Andrzej Bargiel decided to climb K2 carrying his favorite pair of skis, then ski down. He asked his brother Bartek to bring up the snacks and take the drone footage. His brother said sure.

This was on July 22, 2018; a report made it into the August issue of Polish-American Journal. I was so relaxed and comfortable in my reading chair, despite ink glomming on my fingers from the exercise of turning the pages of the print edition, when this shocking report destroyed the peace of that athletic endeavor.... [Read More]