Leadership In a Time of Crisis…

It is wonderful to know that the FBI will be involved in defending the people from those dastardly “terrorists” who intentionally attempt to spread Corona. They are such fine people at the FBI and would never find themselves enforcing laws on the public that they would not first enforce upon themselves.




Dr. Deborah Birx is making quite a name for herself at the Daily Coronavirus Briefings.  She is poised, knowledgeable and professional.  No wonder; she is a former Army Colonel who studied HIV/Aids for the Dept. of Defense at Walter Reed.   She is winning many fans.

Mass media, you know, the Enemy of the People, aka Talking Snake Media, all seemed to notice her today.... [Read More]


Good Timin’

Back in 1960, the song Good Timing’ by Jimmy Jones was a big hit. I found myself humming it and looked it up as I thought about the important decision as to the timing of impending strategy adjustments near in the future. There will have to be a transition in strategy to deal with Covid-19. This is due to two inescapable facts: 1. There will be some more deaths, regardless and 2. The economy cannot survive many more weeks of the present strategy (and that, itself, will result in long term increases in morbidity and mortality).

Unfortunately, the MSM is not interested in informing. Rather, it is inflaming and attacking President Trump regardless of what he says or does. They are truly disgusting, beneath contempt. Should violence ensue, and I sincerely hope that will not be the case, they will be held largely responsible.... [Read More]


Coronavirus – maybe a peek into the future

There is a company called Kinsa Health.   They make ‘smart thermometers’.   Apparently when you take your temperature with one, it reports that information as well as location data back to the company.   There a million or so of these things out there in America.    That being the case, the company has a couple year’s of historical data.     They do a compare and contrast with the ‘average’ flu season.   Apparently, their numbers give a pretty accurate picture of what is going on in real time.    And they are usually a week or two ahead of the CDC in determining the state of the annual flu season.
This year they have added an “Atypical” designation … highlighting areas of the country where their data are outside the usual bands.   One would think that this would capture covid-19 outbreaks.     And it seems to.
Today, they added a “Trend” designation.     In most of the country – except for a swath of the Southwest – “Atypical” readings are in the decline.   Fingers crossed.

interactive map is here:... [Read More]


Liberty’s Lamp Has Been Doused

The COVID 19 crisis has revealed many truths that should have been realized long ago. In no particular order, it has revealed that the people of the various States have become so conditioned to instant gratification and direction from the state that they cannot, out of their own volition, take the proper steps to mitigate exposure to a virus which has no cure or vaccine. That seems like two diametrically opposed positions, but consider the Spring Break twits who knowingly threw caution to the wind in pursuit of hedonistic moments being followed by authorities in Miami deciding that they have to exercise authoritarian power to put a stop to such risky behavior. To avoid this, all that was needed was some rational thinking on the part of the brats, but instead, there had to be a typical government response: zero tolerance.

The other aspect revealed by this situation is that any desire to hold on to the bare threads of the governing system that existed before have been extinguished in favor of “government action.” In short, any libertarian sentiments that existed in the body politic prior to COVID 19–and believe me, there was not much of it–have been robustly laid in its grave. Consider that the one national political party that even entertained such notions, the Republican Party, has delivered to the President’s desk a $2 trillion “emergency” package aimed at doling out tax revenue from the U.S. Treasury to the people. Keep in mind that it was just a decade ago–almost exactly–that a movement emerged bemoaning large bailouts that spurred the GOP back into power. Now that same GOP is applauding a package that makes the one from a decade ago look like pocket change. And there was not even a debate about what this will mean for the rule of law, the power of the general government, or the prelude to future exertions of extra-constitutional powers by the general government. No, the biggest fuss was that the Democrats in the House sought to put other spending measures in the bill that had zero, ziltch, nada, to do with COVID 19.... [Read More]


Lawsuits over Shutdowns

I haven;t watched this yet — it’s rolling now — but I’m gratified to see this sort of thing.  I support the shutdowns in general, yet I also would not want to see such sweeping exercises of power go unremarked in the only way that matters short of insurrection.

So these lawsuits are a good thing.  Same way that I’m glad that even the guiltiest get a competent defense, lest too much be assumed too regularly.... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-3-25: Who Decides Who Dies?

We have no idea how well things will go. There is hope and facts that it looks like things will be okay but there is also facts that things could turn bad. If the hospitals are overrun with people who need critical care. At that time someone will have to decide who gets that help and who doesn’t.  I have some questions to get at some rational for those decisions.

What is the main criteria for giving the rationed resources? Need? Money? Prospects for recovery?... [Read More]