Welcome Back?

Okay so I’m back Elsewhere, but I find I’m still so pissed at the Pale Rattler and at Swirly that I can hardly behave, bear to be civil.  In response to Swirly’s pathetic post about his botched surgery, what I’d’ve liked to post is ” Aww!  Too bad it wasn’t your typing hand!”

What is wrong with me?


VDH on the Origins of Our Second Civil War

I found this passage from Hanson’s latest essay particularly insightful:

Religious and spiritual reawakening is crucial. The masters of the universe of Silicon Valley did not, as promised, bring us new-age tranquility, but rather only greater speed and intensity to do what we always do. Trolling, doxing, and phishing were just new versions of what Jesus warned about in the Sermon on the Mount. Spiritual transcendence is the timeless water of life; technology is simply the delivery pump. We confused the two. That water can be delivered ever more rapidly does not mean it ever changes its essence. High tech has become the great delusion.... [Read More]


The Science of “Classifying Intel” and of Punishing Whistle Blowers

One thing that is very interesting about this talk, given by Kevin Shipp, retired CIA agent, is his discussion of how investigations managed by Congressional committees can so easily be shut down. (This talk was given in late 2016, before the recent  Congressional oversight of the Mueller probe.)

I find so much of value in this talk and wanted to share it here:... [Read More]


The Challenge of Free Trade: How Does One Side Win When Everyone Cheats?

Posted this at Legacy: What do people think here?

I used to be a believer in Free Trade. No matter what, I thought the trade policy of America should be that there are no limits whatsoever to trade. If the other side had all sorts of restrictions, it did not matter, because it was always better for Americans on the whole to have total free trade. Why did I believe this? Because learned people said it was so, and that was good enough for me.... [Read More]


Aid Groups Blame Italy After Migrants Are Sent To Libya

NEWS Now The Associated Press — By SIMONE SOMEKH – Associated Press

ROME (AP) — Italian officials deflected responsibility Tuesday after 108 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean were returned to Libya, a move that humanitarian groups said could violate international law.... [Read More]