TOTD 2018-8-14: Misunderstandings

I am bi-cultural. That means I can make mistakes in two cultures. I remember early on having a kind Japanese friend. I consider myself kind as well. One would think two kind people would agree how to act. No it doesn’t work that way. For example is talking kinder than letting someone be by themselves. Does helping a person or feeling it is kinder to not butt in? Do you take the first “No” to be the answer or keep asking? Depending on the culture one would make different decisions.

Most of us have a habit of thinking the other person thinks like us. Their actions are bad for my actions would be bad if I did that. An example of this is speaking loudly. One person could be perfectly calm and friendly speaking loudly whereas another would be red faced mad. Some words are meant to be down to earth by some where for others they are used to trash people. It depends on the person and the context.... [Read More]


Buckley Presides | Abides

The whole conservative Stop edifice began crumbling, and morphed into Conservative, Inc. on the Lido deck, with Buckley’s passing.  Before that happened, and before Jonah became a crap-weasel, his own term BTW, I Christened a serious piece of yard art as Buckley.  He presides over my pond, and now he sports a parasol in the form of two Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) blooms.  Showing his age, he also wears a bit of lichen on his pate.

At the bottom left of this picture is a Koi named Zion, after the locale of our honeymoon.  He has a one inch bulbous protruding tumor on his left rear quadrant, but he seems to not care about it one whit since it formed several years ago.  His personality includes a proclivity to eat voraciously and hyper-energetically, like a crazed shark.  The bubbles in the center of the picture are generated by an aerator that helps oxygenate the water during these hot days.  We’ve never seen the water lily leaves mound up above the water like this.  Happy warm days here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon: 94F at 3 this afternoon.... [Read More]


Knowledge Base: Excerpts

When you write a post and publish it, by default only the first two paragraphs will appear on the Ratburger home page.  To read the balance of the post, a reader needs to click “[Read More]”, which will display the complete post and its comments.

This is done to allow visitors to the site to skim through the titles and start of posts and decide which they want to read in their entirety.... [Read More]


What Constitutes a Gentleman?

I decided to write this post after several months on Ratburger because this species is a rare one indeed. We are fortunate enough to have a few of these gems on this site so here goes:

Trinity Waters:
He’s waay cool and has created a pretty impressive collection of wildlife pics AND has graciously offered to share his knowledge of koi ponds.... [Read More]


Today’s Kipling – The King

Since we have recently been getting all misty about days past, I thought this poem appropriate. It is a reminder that nostalgia has always been a “thing.” What I find especially amusing is its last two verses. Today steam locomotives are the stuff of romance. When Kipling wrote this poem, boarding the 9:15 was about as exciting as boarding a jet from Houston to St. Louis.

The King

Rudyard Kipling

“Farewell, Romance!” the Cave-men said;
“With bone well carved He went away,
Flint arms the ignoble arrowhead,
And jasper tips the spear to-day.
Changed are the Gods of Hunt and Dance,
And He with these. Farewell, Romance!”... [Read More]


Monday Meals: 2018-08-13

Chinese Roast Pork

Chinese roast pork: ingredients

This easy to make, can’t fail meal combines a variety of Chinese seasonings with tender, delicious pork, and will provide you with several meals including an entirely different recipe for the leftovers which I’ll present eventually in a sequel to this post.

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Eve and the Snake

I went with my husband to his lovely 150-year-old Episcopal church, St. Paul’s, this morning for Mass. I’m Catholic, but we both go to each other’s churches frequently, and we know many Catholic-Episcopal couples who do the same.

After Mass at coffee hour  we chatted with Cathy, a spry 81-year old lady who was coming to St. Paul’s for the first time in about 30 years — she’s been attending an Episcopal church closer to where she lives, but that parish has a priest who, after about 2 years there, has gradually done away with a number of their time-honored bake sales, special services and events, and instead is talking non-stop about social justice and how white people have to acknowledge their inherent racism. Cathy said it’s driving her and a number of her friends away, and she was hoping St. Paul’s was different; she’d heard Fr. Daniel is an upbeat, traditional young man with a friendly wife and four little children, which I can attest is true. Cathy says she’ll be coming back now to St. Paul’s.... [Read More]


Perseid Meteor Shower 2018

Perseid meteor, 2015-08-13

Tonight (August 12–13, 2018 UTC) the Perseid meteor shower will peak.  This meteor shower occurs every year around August 12th as the Earth passes through the orbit of debris from comet Swift-Tuttle.  This is one of the most reliable and intense meteor showers and, in ideal conditions (clear, dark sky and dark-adapted eyes) you may see a meteor a minute.  (As with everything, Pareto is on the job—there are many more dim meteors than bright ones.)... [Read More]


On calling balls and strikes

No, this is not about baseball. It’s about the notion that former or current NeverTrumpers are simply making a dispassionate evaluation of Mr Trump and his presidency. Or to quote precisely,

…to praise Trump when does good things and criticize Trump when he does bad or stupid things.... [Read More]