Hypocrisy: Rules Apply to Others


  • Spam, advertising, or off-topic comments. This can include posting a link to a website, even if it’s non-commercial, that isn’t related to the post.
  • All caps. Online, it’s yelling.
  • Defamatory, gossipy, or rude comments. Imagine you’re a guest at a dinner party with a group of seemingly nice people you don’t know… how would you handle yourself?

I was cruising the web and came upon hypocrisy from people who preach one thing and do another. The above bullet points are the rules for the little people. But if you have connections they don’t apply it seems. Does anyone have Mona Charen’s telephone number?... [Read More]


Peter Strzok and Trey Gowdy

This should go along with my prior “The Player Ref” post. I find it is interesting that Peter Strzok sticks to his claim that none of his personal views affected the investigation. There is also the hidden factor. He was not willing to be transparent publicly. He knew that stating those views in full view would have gotten him fired and it did.


The Player Ref

I grew up in the Seattle area. The Seattle Sonics were the basketball team. At that time they were the only pro team in the city. Ironically, now Seattle has baseball and football but not basketball. A famous player was Lenny Wilkins. I think he got traded then came back as a player coach. I often wondered how a player coach did his job. I suppose they got to start a lot.

There are a lot of hyphened and slashed words, Singer/Song writer, Actor/Director, Owner/Operator, etc. Are there Litigant/Judge, Contest Winner/Judge, Player/Referee, and Food Producer/Food Inspector? I know that sounds ridiculous but what if there were. What would that person look like?... [Read More]


All Is Quiet On The Firing Line

Today I sat down with one of my clients, the owner of a specialty fabrication and installation business. His primary customers are General Contractors and Designers who are shepherding their clients through a full home remodel. He does work on fittings for commercial and residential buildings.

He and I have been together for ten years, and I have advised him through tough times, a Chapter 11, an extinction class lawsuit and the buyout of his partner.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-7-11: The Freedom to Disagree

I find the freedom to disagree is so important. Many people don’t have that right. They live in fear of upsetting speech codes or TPTB.

As has been written about on the site, facts that go against the narrative need to be suppressed by some people. Those facts have been called “hate facts”. The sad part about taking away the freedom to disagree is not that one side suffers, it is that all sides suffer. ... [Read More]


Swedish Dental Hygienist Fired and Fined for Revelations

‘80% were grown-ups’: Swedish dental hygenist fired for exposing migrant ‘kids’ as adults talks to RT

The story of Bernt Herlitz, a dental hygienist from the Swedish island of Gotland, came under the spotlight in 2016 when he revealed an unpleasant truth. Herlitz was analyzing the teeth of “unaccompanied” minor migrants who started to arrive in the Scandinavian country as the worst refugee crisis since WWII struck Europe. It turned out that wisdom teeth of the ‘children’ were fully grown in 80 percent of cases, a sign clearly showing that Herlitz’ patients were far from being underage.... [Read More]


Elon Musk at heart of publicity about his being snubbed ??

Since the last news story I believed with all my heart and soul was reported during the Summer of 1969 when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, I don’t know if this apparent brouhaha between Elon Musk and Thai rescue organizers is real, or something dreamt up as click bait.

Here you have an internet news gathering source, ZeroHedge, and also The Guardian bringing the controversy  forth. In any event, thanks goodness the Thai cave youngsters are safe.... [Read More]