Eve and the Snake

I went with my husband to his lovely 150-year-old Episcopal church, St. Paul’s, this morning for Mass. I’m Catholic, but we both go to each other’s churches frequently, and we know many Catholic-Episcopal couples who do the same.

After Mass at coffee hour  we chatted with Cathy, a spry 81-year old lady who was coming to St. Paul’s for the first time in about 30 years — she’s been attending an Episcopal church closer to where she lives, but that parish has a priest who, after about 2 years there, has gradually done away with a number of their time-honored bake sales, special services and events, and instead is talking non-stop about social justice and how white people have to acknowledge their inherent racism. Cathy said it’s driving her and a number of her friends away, and she was hoping St. Paul’s was different; she’d heard Fr. Daniel is an upbeat, traditional young man with a friendly wife and four little children, which I can attest is true. Cathy says she’ll be coming back now to St. Paul’s.... [Read More]


Perseid Meteor Shower 2018

Perseid meteor, 2015-08-13

Tonight (August 12–13, 2018 UTC) the Perseid meteor shower will peak.  This meteor shower occurs every year around August 12th as the Earth passes through the orbit of debris from comet Swift-Tuttle.  This is one of the most reliable and intense meteor showers and, in ideal conditions (clear, dark sky and dark-adapted eyes) you may see a meteor a minute.  (As with everything, Pareto is on the job—there are many more dim meteors than bright ones.)... [Read More]


On calling balls and strikes

No, this is not about baseball. It’s about the notion that former or current NeverTrumpers are simply making a dispassionate evaluation of Mr Trump and his presidency. Or to quote precisely,

…to praise Trump when does good things and criticize Trump when he does bad or stupid things.... [Read More]


This Week’s Book Review – Turncoat

I write a weekly book review for the Daily News of Galveston County. (It is not the biggest daily newspaper in Texas, but it is the oldest.) My review normally appears Wednesdays. When it appears, I post the review here on the following Sunday.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-8-12: Bygone Brands

I was watching an old TV show sponsored by Benrus watches. I remember Geritol commercials too. There was some brands that went from ubiquitous to rarely heard again. How about we go to the nearby Woolworth and sit at the counter and order something from the soda fountain?

So the list so far.... [Read More]


If the colors were reversed, …

this story would be on cable news 24/7. I have no idea the validity of the gang rape claim made by Willie Dille before she committed suicide but if she was from a minority from a “good” party this story would show the evil of the xenophobes. In other words, it would be a great anti-western culture story. A book then a movie would be made.

Your thoughts?... [Read More]


Torture Girl revealed

It is August and with all the usual blowhards taking vacation time, journalists have to recycle old stuff, brushing it up just a little so they can pretend that it is news.   I heard an episode of “The World” on NPR that made the usual reckless allegations.   “The World” is a Public Radio International show, produced in partnership with the BBC.   It is tailored for the American NPR audience, so it is thoroughly Leftist and anti-American.

Their most recent was a rehash of the allegations of torture and war crimes on the part of Gina Haspel, President Trump’s head of the CIA.   The allegations are old and stem from a three-month period in  when she was running a CIA black site in Thailand and where an al-Qaeda bad guy was waterboarded.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-8-11: Some of All Fears

It is time again to take stock of the willies. I will give you a test to see if you can figure these out. I will put the answers in the spoiler.

  1. Acrophobia
  2. Spheksophobia
  3. Oenophobia
  4. Zoophobia
  5. Verbophobia
  6. Radiophobia
  7. Selachophobia
  8. Placophobia
  9. Pagophobia
  10. Nebulaphobia
  11. Heterophobia

Write your answers in a comment and  then check the spoiler and tell us how many you got right. If you got all of them right, it means either you are super smart or afraid of everything.
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What Do You Miss About the 1800’s?

~Cross-posted from wherever~

Especially when my mom comes to town, I enjoy a rich diet of period films. In a week in July, My mom and I consumed the BBC miniseries Little Dorrit.  Our Mutual Friend was next for me, after which I feasted on Oliver Twist. A long tale from ’90’s television called The Aristocrats was sumptuous, visually speaking. These on-screen confections and others, including any Jane Austen fare, get me thinking: despite horrible, bizarre realities of the past, life before the 1900’s wasn’t all bad.... [Read More]


Gavin Tweets No More

Twitter banned the account of conservative commentator and CRTV host Gavin McInnes without warning earlier today, as well as the official account of the Proud Boys, a conservative-libertarian activist group McInnes founded.
A Twitter spokewoman said that the accounts had been banned for violating Twitter’s policies on “violent extremist groups.” Yet both the Proud Boys and McInnes advocate mainstream conservative and libertarian positions.

The left-leaning magazine Variety drew a link between the bans and the upcoming Unite The Right 2 rally in Washington D.C., organized by alt-right activists. Yet both McInnes and the Proud Boys have disavowed the alt-right.... [Read More]


Family D.I.Y. Backup Solutions?

In my extended family, there are around a dozen computers which should be backed up, not counting an equal number of phones. Myself, I have an old Time Capsule and I do a weekly external drive bootable backup. Most of our computers are for personal matters, not work.

My son is an outlier. He is near completion of a Ph.D. in genetics and does some high-power statistics whose processing often runs for hours. He has many large files of data on a one year-old MacBook Pro. Loss of this would be catastrophic. He has an external drive for backup, but keeps it in his not-too-secure apartment in a ratty (in the negative sense) building. His chained bike was stolen recently from an inside hallway, and that event led to this entire inquiry.... [Read More]