This Week’s Book Review – The Father, Son, and Holy Shuttle

Looking for a good read? Here is a recommendation. I have an unusual approach to reviewing books. I review books I feel merit a review. Each review is an opportunity to recommend a book. If I do not think a book is worth reading, I find another book to review. You do not have to agree with everything every author has written (I do not), but the fiction I review is entertaining (and often thought-provoking) and the non-fiction contain ideas worth reading.... [Read More]


Voices from the Past

AutoCAD version 2.5 audio cassette (July 1986)In July, 1986, Autodesk, Inc. launched version 2.5 of AutoCAD, our principal (and, in terms of revenue, effectively only product).  This was a major new feature release, and the first such release after the company’s initial public stock offering (IPO) in May, 1985 (memo to younger self: don’t do an IPO at the same time you’re trying to ship a major product update—it hurts).

I had always believed an essential component of success in the software business was a close and ongoing connection and collaboration between the software developer and our customers.  It was the customers who continually amazed us with the new ways in which they applied our product, their insight in recommending changes and new features which would benefit themselves and other users, and their ability to discover and document flaws in our products which had escaped our own testing.... [Read More]