Trump rewards TheFederalist with an interview

President Trump helps his friends.  He allowed Ben Domenich to interview him in the Oval Office.  This is a plum for

I have been following ever since they started, because Mollie.   They posted a fair share of NeverTrump stuff mixed in with solid conservative posts.  Most of their posts are opinion posts, but many of them contain real information that you will not learn from Fake News Media.... [Read More]


international law

I am listening to the Democrat debate.  Bernie is trying to establish distinctions between his positions and Biden’s.  So after Biden says that we need hundreds of judges at the border so that asylum cases can be immediately heard without turning anyone back to wait in Mexico for their case to be heard.

Joe was saying that “the immigrants are coming.”  This is why “we must welcome immigrants in across the border.”   He said that as if the one is a reason for the other.... [Read More]


Nigel F looking on the sunny side

Newsweek (yes, they still exist) has a guest editorial from Nigel Farage.  The bulk of the column is a review of President Trump’s State of the Union address, seemingly aimed at British readers.

Of interest to Ratburghers, here is the conclusion:... [Read More]