Experimental Feature: Extracts in Post Archives

I have just made a change in the configuration of extract generation when posts are displayed in what WordPress calls an “archive”.  This includes posts displayed when you select:

  • All posts by a member
  • Posts from a specified month and year
  • Posts in a category
  • Posts with a given tag

Previously, these showed the full text of the selected posts, regardless of their length, unlike posts shown on the home page or in search results, where only the excerpt was shown if the post was longer than two paragraphs and you could read the balance by clicking a “Read More” link.... [Read More]


Ratburger: The Next Hundred

One of the principles of Ratburger.org since its inception is Radical Transparency—everything about the site, from its source code, updates, and access statistics—shall be accessible to anybody who is interested.  There are a few statistics which, due to the design of WordPress, are not generally accessible, which may be of interest.  Excluding administrators and accounts they use for testing various features on the site, we now have 77 members, the vast majority of whom are active and regularly visit the site, comment, and post.  Since the site went live (in stealth mode) on 2017-12-10, there have been 506 posts and 5,589 comments on them.  The software that runs the site, publicly disclosed on GitHub for anybody interested in setting  up a competing site, or one appealing to a different audience, has had 86 publicly-posted builds since Git management began on 2017-12-18.

With today’s release of browser-pull dynamic updates of notifications, I consider the site “feature complete” as I envisioned it at the launch last December.  With all of the local modifications, as documented in the Updates Group (available for anybody to read), it provides a discussion forum, interest groups, podcasts (we don’t produce them, but provide links to those to which our members regularly listen), private messages, a weekly free conference call, and on-line chat.  And all of this is completely free and devoid of advertisements and other intrusive distractions.... [Read More]


Sand Box

This is a test of creation fnord of a post by a user signed up as a contributor. In the conclusion of the author’s Honor Bound Honor Born (May 2014), an explorer on the Moon discovers something that just shouldn’t be there, which calls into question the history of the Earth and Moon and humanity’s fnord place in it. This short novel (or novella—it’s 81 pages in a print edition) explores how that anomaly came to be and presents a brilliantly sketched alternative history which reminds the reader just how little we really know about the vast expanses of time which preceded our own species’ appearance on the cosmic stage.
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