Good B-iPhone

iPhone 6S bulging battery

Today, among other alarums and diversions, I updated the operating system software in my iPhone 6s, which I bought on 2015-11-17, to version 12.4.  The update went smoothly, as did the installation of three app updates which appeared only after the system update was applied.  I then listened to a 40 minute podcast whilst attending to other matters and then, when I went to plug the phone into the charger, I noticed something distinctly odd.... [Read More]


Today at Apple’s iOS App Store

Apple iOS App Store front pageWhen I turned on my four year old iPhone for the first time in a few days, it nagged me that five apps had updates waiting.  When I clicked on the App Store icon, what should I see on the home page but the screen at the right, featuring an app called Wattpad, informing me that “The Next Big Literary Wizard Is Gay”, and inviting me to “Check out Wattpad, the content platform elevating LGBTQ+ authors.”

Gee, I thought, or would like to think, that the “next big literary wizard” will be whoever tells the most compelling stories, not based on how they choose to occupy part of their time whilst not scribbling.... [Read More]


Apple’s Tim Cook on Deplatforming

Listen to the NPCs in the audience clap like trained seals as the message of censorship is delivered.  “Because it’s the right thing to do. … our values drive our curation decisions.”

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