Raspberry Pi 4 Now Available

Raspberry Pi 4A little bit of the Roaring Twenties has just fallen into 2019.  Raspberry Pi 4 has just been announced and is now shipping.  As soon as the distribution pipeline is filled, you’ll be able to buy one (or fifty, or ten thousand) from your favourite distributor.  This is the fourth generation of Raspberry Pi since the introduction of the series in 2012.

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer, around the size of a credit card, based upon the ARM family of low-power microprocessors.  Unlike the Arduino family of microcontrollers, which are primarily used as embedded processors and programmed on other platforms, the Raspberry Pi is a general-purpose computing platform which, with an attached keyboard, mouse, monitor(s), and network connection, can be used to develop software using the tools with which programmers are familiar on desktop platforms, usually based upon the Linux operating system, for which a Raspberry Pi distribution called Raspbian is the most popular.... [Read More]