WikiArt “Artwork of the Day”

Here’s something to go along with the daily APOD, if you like.  WikiArt Visual Encyclopedia has an Artwork of the Day.  If the day’s offering is lovely, I set it as my desktop picture, maybe read up a little, and moon about  during the ensuing hours about how the thing looks, who the person was who created it and how he lived, how blind I am generally to what is about me (on account of mooning about,) and what poor consolation I can dredge up in the form of such paltry skills as I do have.... [Read More]


The Grimshaw Formula Works for Me

English painter John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) had a good thing going in his landscape themes (urban, suburban, dockside, moorland; London and West Yorkshire) and comfortingly reliable set of items for subject: the winding road, the lone human being making a way down it, gloaming coming on.  He cranked out quite a few of these, apparently, and every time I discover one I am, you might say, ensorcelled. Who could fail to be caught? Who hasn’t at some time journeyed alone to an uncertain future, with no particular welcoming place to be seen on either hand?

... [Read More]


Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Two hundred years ago, halfway around the planet from where I sit, Constable painted someone fishing, or perhaps just messing around, in some little English stream I shall never see.  “Tree Trunks” is the name it goes by, and the trunks are all right, as are the shadows and sun on the grassy bank.  What touch me most are the browned leaves of autumn and the shimmering gold light created by those increasingly slanting sunbeams.... [Read More]


TOTD 1.15.18 Good Art/Bad Art

One of my favorite scenes from the tv show The Office was when Pam’s old boyfriend Roy struggles to compliment her paintings in a group art exhibit. He stammers sincerely, “Your art – is the best art – of all the art.”

I was tempted to do a solid rant about some bad art I’d encountered recently, until I remembered I’d seen some undeniably good art this past week as well. So we’ll end this post on a high note.... [Read More]