Daniel Hannan: “You are losing a bad tenant, but gaining a good neighbour.”

Daniel Hannan, Conservative member of the European “Parliament” for South East England since 1999, gave his final speech in that institution yesterday, prior to Britain’s departure from the European Union on 2020-01-31.  He notes that the inevitable crack-up of the “European Project” began with the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and the subsequent steamrolling of European integration into a railroad-era continental-scale empire over the referenda, objections, and democratic institutions of its unwilling subjects.... [Read More]


The 2019 British Parliamentary Election

Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have won a nearly 80-seat majority, the best result for the Tories since the 1987 election, when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. Now, Brexit will finally happen after innumerable delays since the 2016 referendum.... [Read More]


Live: Brexit Debate and Vote

In its first Saturday session in 37 years, the British parliament is debating and voting on the Brexit deal proposed by Boris Johnson.  At this writing (13:20 UTC), debate is concluding on a “poison pill” amendment which would rule out the “no deal” option which many pro-Brexit supporters believe essential in subsequent dealings with the European Union.  After this is resolved, the main deal will come onto the agenda.


Guy VerHofstadt Sees the Light; Admits the Light

GVH (speaking, below) admits about half of what we all know to be true.  It’s just impressive for some reason to see him take Tusk to task for insufficient zeal while starting to admit in public that Farage has more power than most of the rest of those twits combined.

... [Read More]


PM May Declares “Brexit For Our Time”

So once again the British have gone begging overseas and returned home with a pat on the head.

“My good friends, for the second time in about a month, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing Brexit with an extension. 
I believe it is Brexit for our time…
Go home and shut up.”... [Read More]


Well Surprise Surprise (slight return)

From the NYT:

“After hours of difficult and sometimes passionate talks, the leaders decided that Britain’s exit date will be pushed back to May 22 if next week Mrs. May can persuade lawmakers in Parliament to accept her plan for leaving the bloc, which they have already rejected overwhelmingly, not once but twice.... [Read More]


Buck Up, Britons! We Are Proud of Your Fight!

Buck up, Britons!

This Brexit drama is not so sordid as it may seem.  You, in both your polity and your government, are successfully resisting a vicious, sustained, well-resourced campaign against your sovereignty.  You’ve nothing to be ashamed of.  Hard to light a path when you’re hacking and slashing through brush and wolf alike.  Others will follow this “Roman Road”, to mix a metaphor darkly.  I’m worried and anxious and all of that, but I am very proud of the battle being waged by the authors of Magna Carta.... [Read More]


EU is Bluffing — Will Approve Extension No matter What

In brief — the EU has no leverage if the UK “negotiates” from a position of independence.  EU tactics are only effective when the EU still has a grip on the UK.

Heaven knows that the UK will be fine without the EU, and suffers in its grip.  Only committed EU project aficionados argue that the UK will somehow lose out just because it isn’t stuck in a just-so set of “deals” with the Eurocracy.... [Read More]