Hawley and Blackburn drain the swamp

The legislation aims to move the following agencies to the following states:

  1. Department of Agriculture – Missouri
  2. Department of Education – Tennessee
  3. Department of Commerce – Pennsylvania
  4. Department of Energy – Kentucky
  5. Health and Human Services – Indiana
  6. Housing and Urban Development – Ohio
  7. Department of the Interior – New Mexico
  8. Department of Labor – West Virginia
  9. Department of Transportation – Michigan
  10. Veterans Affairs – South Carolina

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Celebrate Religious Persecution Day

How long has it been since you saw any news or discussion about the global persecution of Christians?   (I mean, besides my posts.)   The churches are under attack all over the world, with dozens or sometimes hundreds killed monthly.   This carnage goes unnoticed by American mass media.   In fact, American mass media seem determined to keep this information hidden.   American Christians are not acting to help Christians around the world because they do not know the extent of the plight.

Other religious minorities experience persecution.   This also gets neglected by the purveyors of “news.”   But the one clear thing about religious persecution is, it mostly affects Christians, and it is overwhelmingly attributable to Muslims and Communists.

In recognition of the extents of religious persecution, the United Nations declared August 22, 2019 to be an “International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief.”

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