Muslim scum, right? Can’t be trusted. Suspect. Dangerous.

What to do about these seditious Muslim terrorists in the midst? Why let them proliferate and use up resources that decent people need?

Lock them up. Eliminate them. Eliminate all record that they ever existed.

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BuzzFeed Strikes Again

NSFW Warning: All the links in this post contain bad words and politically incorrect statements. I can’t help it; this is an intrinsic part of the story. The easily offended should move along.

BuzzFeed has succeeded in deplatforming yet another YouTuber. Tim Pool, Styx, and Vee (undoubtedly others) have discussed this case. A BuzzFeed blogger* wrote this hit piece about a fourteen-year-old girl with almost 900k subscribers on YouTube. She has a potty mouth and says things that disturb Lefty’s universe. BuzzFeed still has a comment section, and those comments make fun reading:... [Read More]