Leveraging the FBI against a right-wing couple

One anonymous tip from a Leftist cost this couple more than four years and many thousands of dollars and their status is still in limbo.

The Antifa activist who submitted the fake tip to the FBI abt me, delaying my visa by years, didn’t just cause heartache by separating my wife & I by 1000s of miles.

That person stopped us from being able to have a family. Four years now. And (biologically) running out of time.

— Jack

I have questions.

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Quit Whining; It Only Feeds the Trolls

The Right are playing their assigned role in the iconoclasts’ drama: a Dionysian festival. The Left are gladdened by your tears; they derive their energy from the wailing and moans of the Right. As Zman explains,

There is no shortage of analysis trying to explain the insane behavior of mobs pulling down statues. All of it from outside the Progressive hive misses the point, because it projects reason and consciousness of thought onto the performers. What’s happening is these people are just that, performers. They are unconsciously playing a role, like participants in a pagan ceremony. They are doing so for their Progressive audience, who cheers and sobs after each statue is toppled.... [Read More]


Cancelled by Patreon

Patreon: cancelledJust five days ago, I posted here “L. Neil Smith: ‘There ought to be a law!’ ” in which the über-libertarian advocated legislation incorporating the Bill of Rights and, in particular, the First Amendment, against corporations chartered by U.S. states as a remedy for rampant censorship and violations of freedom of speech, religion, and free association committed by what he argues are, in every sense, state actors.

Just a few minutes ago, what should I find in my E-mail in-box, but the following:... [Read More]


Cancel Culture: When you’ve Lost MIT…

MIT logoRecently we discussed how Richard Stallman had been hounded out of his long-term positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Free Software Foundation (which he founded).  Well, if there’s one thing you can depend upon with Social Justice Warrior (SJW) outrage mobs, one scalp is never enough, and they have to keep nailing them to the rubble of institutions they’re destroying until they completely collapse.

Now they’re going after Prof. Seth Lloyd, a pioneer in the field of quantum computing, author of Programming the Universe, and explorer of the ultimate physical limits to computation.  Prof. Lloyd cited funding from Jefferey Epstein in 19 of his published papers, and is claimed to have visited Epstein in prison.  On 2019-08-22, Lloyd published a letter in which he apologised for his associations with Epstein.  Apologies and groveling only incite the mob.... [Read More]