Catching Up with Notifications for Posts, Comments, and Groups

Catch-up featureWhen engaging in an active discussion on the site, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of notifications you may receive for new comments on discussions in which you’re participating, likes on your posts and comments, and participation in group discussions.  Frequently, you’ll go to a discussion, read all of the new comments and look at the “likes” of the comments you’ve posted, and then find you still have a long list of notifications pending because you haven’t followed each individually, causing them to be dismissed.

On 2020-04-12, I implemented a new feature at, called “catch-up”, which allows you to dismiss all notifications relating to a post or group you’ve just visited.  For example, if you log on to the site and discover there are a dozen or more notifications queued for comments in a discussion in which you’re participating, just click the first (the oldest), and then read from there to the end, catching up to the most recent.  Reading these comments does not dismiss their notifications, so you’d usually still have a long list of notifications remaining for comments you’ve just read.... [Read More]