A huge trove of papyri were excavated in the Egyptian town of Oxyrhynchus in the period from 1898 through 1914. From time to time new batches of these precious artifacts are presented by the team that is inspecting, cleaning, photographing, transcribing and translating this hoard. There is much work remaining to do, and unknown discoveries lie ahead.

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Catholic Barr

Attorney General William P. Barr spoke last month to the Law School at Notre Dame. It was a long speech, and I did not take the time to listen to it. But it stirred up some controversy, so I stashed the transcript and eventually got around to reading it. The speech is focused on religious liberty and American society. I thought it was a great speech; Leftists attacked it as “theocracy!” of course. Here are long excerpts; I thought it was so good that I have only cut it down by half or so. I will put a link to the full transcript in the first comment if you would rather have the full Barr. This is the excerpted version:... [Read More]


The Fullness of Time and Diaspora

A few weeks ago, in my “New religiongeschichtliche Schule” post, Hypatia made an observation that prompted this post. She observed that many people think that Jesus appeared at the time he did because God had devised a world in which the Gospel could spread rapidly and far and wide:

Christianity could not have arisen except out of the Jewish scriptures.  Nor, I learned in  my Bible class, could it have spread across the globe if it hadn’t arisen within the far-flung empire of Rome.  That period was “ the fullness of time”.

I absolutely agree with this thinking, and want to make a few observations on point.

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Let your holy angel be with me, that the evil foe may have no power over me!”

This is to provide a Christian view of angels and demons. Angels and demons are created spiritual beings, created by God before He created the world. They all were angels when they were created. God made them in kinds, so that there are angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim, and other kinds of angels.

Before we go any further I need to note that I am writing for a group that includes several materialists who think this entire topic is fictional. I chose to write because I have seen several recent references to demons and occult subjects. Also because there are lots of goofy things going around media and the internet about angels and demons, I thought it appropriate and reasonable to provide a little bit of clarity regarding the orthodox Christian basics regarding spiritual beings. With Americans increasingly embracing a roll-your-own approach to religion, more and more of our people are vulnerable both to shallow superstitions and to really dark spiritual forces.

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New  religionsgeschichtliche Schule

Religionsgeschichtliche Schule is a term that has dominated the study of Christianity in academic circles for 150 years. It is translated from the German as “History of Religions School.” In this case it means ‘school of thought’ rather than a physical place, and is a reference to a group of influential scholars. They are important because most of their core ideas are still going strong on the internet and are currently taught in the Religious Studies Departments of many universities. 

A number of bad ideas got their start with the religionsgeschichtliche Schule, including “Pagan origins” of Bible stories and the idea that the divinity of Jesus developed late in the history of the Christian movement.

A colloquium was held at the University of Edinburgh a few weeks ago, titled “Varieties of Theism in Antiquity, and amounted to a series of new scholarly papers presented by a group of academics who celebrate the countervailing views that have debunked the ideas of the original religionsgeschichtliche Schule.

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Spiritual Question 2

Does God exist ?

Possible answers:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. Lots of gods exist; which one do you mean?
  5. I am God.
  6. We are all gods.
  7. Some of us will become gods.

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Spiritual Question 25

Why is academia Atheist ?

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You shall have no other gods

The world takes offense at God.   The Pagans hated the idea that their gods have no real power.   The Muslims and the Mormons are counterfeits of God.   Buddhists say that “God” is not a real person, but a spiritual amalgam.   Atheists are angry at the God they don’t believe in.

Communists, being Atheists, are angry at God.   So the latest outrage from China comes as no surprise.   The First Commandment is outlawed.   It started recently in just one church that we know of, but the Party statements indicate that this is a nationwide China policy:... [Read More]