This Sums It Up For Me

I mind the inconveniences of the WuFlu less than I’m offended by the stupidity of it all. People donning amulets to protect themselves from a frightening, unseen danger is something associated with the distant past or with primitive cultures. As Derb said about something else, “You might as well put a bone through your nose.”


A Field Guide to Masks

In my daily excursions, I’ve seen many variations on the masks to Flatten the Curve™. Americans, great innovators they are, have taken this opportunity to be creative, each marching to the beat of his own drummer. Many have taken the approach of following the letter of the law (wear a mask) while being less concerned about the spirit (they didn’t say where the mask had to be worn). Since masks interfere with breathing, many choose to allow their noses or mouths to be exposed by pulling down their masks, thereby protecting their chins and necks from the deadly virus. Others have taken this opportunity to play dress-up/cosplay for a favorite role: medical worker or Wild West bandido. The latter are especially useful in the context of mask recommendations during sexual activity.

This handy table lists some of the common examples of mask interpretations that I’ve observed in the wild. Suggestions for additions are welcomed.... [Read More]


Cop Stands Up for the Constitution

A Port of Seattle police officer posted a video on YouTube on May 5 decrying the enforcement of “tyrannical orders against the people.” It was primarily directed at other police officers and was initially praised by his superiors. Within three hours, they contacted him again asking him to remove it, citing higher authorities. He refused and was threatened with sanctions (“documents will be found”). He was fired. Independent of the subsequent controversy, his original video is worth a look. This is a re-post of the original video, which he claims had over a million views and much support from other law enforcement officers. He raises the issues of the consent of the governed and of the dangers for LEOs under the loss of public trust.

... [Read More]



Dr. Deborah Birx is making quite a name for herself at the Daily Coronavirus Briefings.  She is poised, knowledgeable and professional.  No wonder; she is a former Army Colonel who studied HIV/Aids for the Dept. of Defense at Walter Reed.   She is winning many fans.

Mass media, you know, the Enemy of the People, aka Talking Snake Media, all seemed to notice her today.... [Read More]


Associated Press falsely fact-checks Trump

A.P. FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Says Ventilators Coming “Fast”

That headline is currently featured at the Google News aggregator. The lying liars at Associated Press are saying that Trump is lying. The only evidence they give amounts to them guessing that, when the new ventilators start arriving, then the Associated Press will judge that the amount of elapsed time, whatever it is, will not qualify as “fast.” ... [Read More]


What Are Your Quarantine Plans?

Isaac Newton quarantined himself at his childhood home in 1665 when Cambridge University closed because to the plague.

It was the most productive time of his life. He discovered calculus and the laws of motion.

What are YOUR plans? Continue reading “What Are Your Quarantine Plans?”


Fear Potion Number 19

Corona Virus Disease 19 (CoViD 19) is the word of the day, 24-7, and will be for so long as it seems useful to Talking Snake Media as a hook on which to hang criticism of Team Trump.

Team Trump is reacting really well. President Trump ordered restrictions in the very early days that helped to slow transmission. That bought us some badly needed time. And, he is playing the science card as well as possible. This is of course a controversial assertion. Media, Democrats and other Leftists say that Trump is “anti-science,” but that is just an empty slogan without any basis in truth.... [Read More]