Dangerous Pattern of Swamp-draining

Pelosi said that the firing shows that Trump has “accelerated his dangerous pattern of retaliation” against public servants investigating his administration.

Speaker Pelosi was commenting on President Trump’s firing of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick.... [Read More]


The Party that Boos God

Y’all remember the 2012 Democrat Convention, where the delegates booed God.   Well, they are still at it.   They passed a resolution at the DNC summer meeting.   It celebrates the unreligious and includes a swipe at religious people.

Here is the resolution:... [Read More]


Ratburgers Apparently Infiltrate the Mainstream

So I read Powerline for the pictures. Well, the essays are good too, but skipping the pictures is not wise.

Purportedly, somebody put up this comment on the Yelp page of that Red Hen restaurant. Assuming for the moment that that’s legit, it’s fun to speculate that it might be somebody we know. If that’s the case, then thanks for the laughs! If not, then we can console ourselves perhaps with the thought that all publicity is good publicity.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018/01/13: Annie Sullivan, Liberatrix

A local public library had not yet, I found, thrown out all its books. Indeed, in the Childrens’ Room someone had turned a book so that the attractive, mysterious cover beckoned from a shelf at kid face height.

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