Cynicism of the Leftist Elites – On Equality

One thing that we often hear about the left is that they want equality. As Jordan Peterson warns us, what they really want is equality of outcome and that is a recipe for disaster. What I want to talk about is that they say they want equality but I don’t think they really do want it. They just SAY they want it. And they say that they want it because that ideal (or value) is well established in the left all over the world and it sounds good and there are many people who will follow them, vote for them and support them just because of these preprocessed Marxist terms.

Let’s look at Cuba or North Korea or China. Do they have equality of outcome? How about equality of opportunity? Answer: neither. There are rules and outcomes for the elites of these societies that don’t apply to most of their citizens. This was especially true in the Soviet Union where there were special stores for special people.... [Read More]