Total Solar Eclipse: 2019-07-02

Total solar eclipseA total solar eclipse will take place today, 2019-07-02.  Totality will be visible only in the southern hemisphere, on a path seemingly crafted to avoid land as much as possible.  Totality will touch down in the southwest Pacific Ocean, pass over Pitcairn Island, then finally touch land, crossing Chile and Argentina.  Totality will begin at 18:03 UTC and end at 20:42 UTC.

The Exploratorium is planning a live Webcast of the eclipse from Chile, originating from the Cerro Tololo Observatory, which totality happens to cross.  The Webcast will last for one hour, beginning at 20:00 UTC.  Occurring in early July, near the time of Earth’s aphelion, with the Moon around two days from perigee, this will be a fairly long eclipse, with four minutes and 32.8 seconds of totality at maximum eclipse in the mid-Pacific.... [Read More]