ISIS news Nov 2020

ISIS.  “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.”  Remember those guys?  They were very popular among Muslim jihadiis.  Many little jihadist groups affiliated with ISIS while they were at their peak.  Several of them are still flying the ISIS flag.  They found that they get better press coverage in western media when they use the ISIS name.  Illiterate western journalists were unwilling to cover events when they had to use complicated names like “Jemaa e Islamia” and “Lashkar e Tayyiba.”

Did you see them in the headlines last week?  No?  Well, recent ISIS violence has gone unnoticed by the Fake News Media, and, since the dead are all people of color, our vaunted conservative niche media also has mostly taken a pass, though Breitbart did cover one of these items.  But there were a couple of notable events in the past few days.

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Hunter’s laptop

You all saw it, right?   Because your social media pals alerted you to the story.

The New York Post got the scoop.   Hunter Biden’s laptop went unclaimed for over 90 days at a repair shop, and so under Delaware law it became fair game for the shop.  They hacked in and found Hunter’s e-mails.  They handed the laptop over to the FBI, after copying out some e-mails about Hunter’s business deals.  They appear to be very damaging to Hunter and Joe Biden, indicating a thriving business of influence peddling.... [Read More]


Trump abortion treatment

Fake News alert. I suppose you all saw that thing about President Trump’s Regeneron cocktail being made from fetal cells.

Not true; the test is made from hamster cells.... [Read More]


77 percent of Catholics

I have seen this in several places on the internet.

Yeah, I know; somebody was wrong on the internet.

What I saw was “77 percent of Catholics favor abortion in all or most circumstances.”

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Now more than ever before

“Now, more than ever before.”

That is what Kerry Washington said, while hosting the DNC pageant.  She was introducing a heartstring-tugging video about a little Hispanic girl’s letter to President Trump.  It was full of slanders about President Trump’s words and policies.... [Read More]


ACLU sues Portland Police

Of course they did.  See, the Portland Police have been sharing video of riots on social media.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the Portland Police Bureau, challenging its livestreaming of protests.

The ACLU contends the bureau’s practice of filming and broadcasting protesters violates state law that prohibits police from collecting or maintaining information about the political, religious or social views, associations or activities of people who are not suspected of criminal activity.

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Champion Barr

I have great hope for Attorney General William P. Barr. He has staked out a position and seems to be marshaling the needed forces to hold that position. He clearly must be making them sweat, because the Resistance attacks on him are getting longer and more unhinged. The latest example is a very long hit piece that is the main feature in the New Yorker.

This latest hatchet job is by David Rohde. I do not recommend that you read it. I will supply a link in a comment.

Instead, read the take-down by Mollie. She rips it to pieces, not by defending Barr, whose defense she leaves to others. No, Mollie goes to work on turf that she owns. Her counterattack on Barr’s behalf is based on journalistic malpractice.

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NASA Fake News

At the Newport News airport, NASA is trying to convince travelers that astronauts have landed on Mars. Langley is celebrating its hundredth anniversary and thought this would be a good idea. The Christmas tree is not part of the mural so they’re not trying to convince us there’s a Christmas tree on Mars. Is it any wonder some people think the moon landing was faked?

... [Read More]


Iconoclast protesters loot Catholic churches

This is a story from Chile.  Or, perhaps it is a non-story from Chile.

Street protests turned violent in Santiago last week, and have persisted into this week.  Anti-government protesters have been wearing masks, looking like AntiFa anarchists, and attacking government buildings.

Of course, once Leftist mobs turn violent, it is unlikely that their energy will maintain focus.  They soon attacked another target.   Catholic churches became prey for the mob.  Several were looted for materials to add to street barricades.  Statues of Jesus and Mary were destroyed.

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Make Your Own Fake News

Computer-generated articles aren’t new but now there’s a tool named Grover that you can use to make your own. Grover can also identify machine-generated articles. I love that their sample is a fake Paul Krugman article. Then again, I’m not so sure there are any real Krugman articles. It’s not entirely clear that Krugman could pass the Turing test.

I used Grover to generate a Krugman column for next October. It’s not too hard to detect that this column is fake but it would be a good starting point that could be touched up a human. I chose the headline, the author, the publication, and the date. Grover did the rest. Have fun.... [Read More]


Trump v. CNN

“In a demand letter sent to CNN on Wednesday, an attorney working for the president outlined his intention to sue CNN for its willful misrepresentation of itself. For years, CNN has told viewers, advertisers, and sources that it is an unbiased, straight news outfit. That’s a lie, and the president’s lawyers believe it actually violates the federal Lanham Act’s prohibitions on false and misleading advertising.”

That is from Daily Caller.   Here is more from the Washington Examiner:... [Read More]



A caper?   A caper is a crime.   In particular, a caper is a crime story that is so interesting that they made a movie or TV show about it.   “Caper” in common parlance over the past four decades or so is only used to describe a crime that is somehow flamboyant.

So, here is a headline from Politico.   It is currently featured at the default page on Google News:

“Giuliani and associate give conflicting accounts on origins of Ukrainian caper”

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