Changing their tune

The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation held their annual awards dinner. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was not there. Instead, he was the interviewee at Fox and Friends, where he revealed that he had been notified that he would be the recipient of their signature award and had been invited to the Foundation’s annual banquet, but then he was notified that they were rescinding the award and he was dis-invited.

The return of hostages isn’t partisan. It’s not political. This is an American activity,” he said.... [Read More]


Journ-o-list redux

A new platform for journalists to strategize on the narrative of the day.   This is based in Canada, I think, and is being pushed out to journalists in the UK and America as well.

Right.   They already think alike anyway.   No conspiracy needed.... [Read More]


A Study in Fake News

A friend and former colleague sent me a link to the following brief article: A Strong Start to Sierra Snowpack. It purports to be a factual report of the water situation in California. Such stories are always interesting for the things they leave out: the dog that didn’t bark.

Start with the title. Since the snowpack is already above the normal peak, which is referenced to April (seasonal peak), it would be more accurate to say that the snowpack is already well above average for the whole season though it’s still only February. That’s more than a strong start. Furthermore, though the 2017-2018 year was below average, the prior year was well above average. Together, they were about average.It is in the nature of snowfall to fluctuate from year to year.... [Read More]


USA Today cheerleading for impeachment

They have got nuthin’.   This is a long feature, prominently highlighted at the default Google News aggregator, purporting to list a bill of particulars.   None of this is concerning; it is all old news, with the case for corruption resting on a house of cards of innuendo, guilt by association, and denigrating land development business as somehow inherently evil.

Six years ago I was thinking of USA Today as one of the least unreliable of the major mass media news organizations.   But in the Age of Trump they have energetically leapfrogged their competition in a rush to Leftist advocacy exclusively.   They are Fake News.   The Enemy of the People.... [Read More]


Media v Evangelicals –2018 part 9


Yes, that stale accusation is making the rounds once again. After a diversion of several weeks, Big Media is now in panic mode since early voting has started. Big Media was distracted by Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and used that as the launch pad for attacks on white women, in an attempt to shame and bully white women who were leaning towards Republican candidates. They showed how desperate they are to wedge voters away from the GOP and President Trump. Now they are returning to more familiar ground, which is continued attacks on white Evangelicals in an attempt to wedge them away from President Trump’s GOP.... [Read More]



LifeSiteNews is a small anti-abortion activist group, pro-life journalism outlet, and news aggregator. It was launched in 1997 as a spinoff of Campaign Life Coalition. Both are based in Toronto. Unless you are a traditionalist Catholic or a pro-life culture warrior, you probably never heard of them.

They have had a lot of excitement lately.   For a year they have been fighting for their life as an organization. They had become very dependent on their Facebook page as their primary way to communicate with their network of donors, most of whom are Catholic families making small-time contributions. Facebook has been waging war against them.... [Read More]


Enemy of the People 2018-08-16

Today we were treated to a burst of collusion by the lamestream media.   For the past week, the Boston Globe has been encouraging journalists to publish editorials today that would condemn President Trump for calling the “fake news media” the “enemy of the people.”   Somewhere around 350 editorials were published today in answer to the Boston Globe’s call.   There were also a handful of editorials that opined that this collective effort would surely backfire and only prove Trump’s allegation that the journalists are partisan Leftists and “the Opposition Party.”

So, Ratburghers, did you bother to read any of these editorials?... [Read More]


less clear

It was a major project.   Multiple billions of dollars involved, with dozens of interested parties, dozens of consultants, multiple government agencies and quasi-government organizations, plus five activist groups.   The Environmental Impact Statement had been held up by a lawsuit for years, and all the interested parties had lawyers involved on one side or the other.  After ten years they were down to one particular issue.  The state agency convinced everyone else to sign off on the EIS, with the proviso that the engineering study for that particular issue would be re-done on the basis of a new analysis, and that the affected portion of the project would wait until the engineering study was signed by all the affected participating agencies.  So about a billion dollars’ worth of the work was waiting on the study, while the remainder of the project got started.

The project would take several years, so there was plenty of slack time to get the engineering study done.   After a couple of false starts, I was put in charge of the engineering study.  After four months of analysis, I had enough to start writing the report, while the remaining analysis work continued.   I read the previous work on the issue, and then set aside and wrote a fresh report from a new start.... [Read More]


Invasion! fake news Venezuela edition

In the Google News aggregator all day today there has been a rolling series of articles about how President Trump wants to invade Venezuela. [Read More]


Fake News status report

There was a disgruntled man.  He was mad at his local paper.  He thought they had dished out shabby treatment to him personally in story about his conviction for a domestic disturbance.  He sued and lost.  He threatened.  Then he went and shot up the news room, killing five people.

... [Read More]


A Nation of Laws or of (Wo)Men?

FoxNews reported, in an interview with Judge Napolitano, that Trump is in legal jeopardy because of emails related to Donald Jr.’s setting up a meeting at Trump Tower to ostensibly obtain dirt of Hillary Clinton. (link: ) Supposedly, White House communications director Hope Hicks wanted to prevent the release of those emails. According to the judge’s analysis, this is conspiracy to obstruct justice. How it pertains to Trump himself is beyond me, but if it is even slightly plausible, expect the MSM to run with it screaming.

Lets us make a comparison. Because someone on Trump’s team wanted to hide emails, that is viewed as prima facie conspiracy to obstruct (conspiracy because it involved more than one person). Now, where have we seen that before?... [Read More]