Sec. of State Pompeo: Regime Change in China

On 2020-07-23 U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo spoke at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library at Yorba Linda, California on “Communist China and the Free World’s Future” [transcript].  While he never used the exact words, the message was explicit.  The era of “constructive engagement” with the Chinese Communist Party is at an end, and U.S. policy must be directed toward protecting its interests from an aggressive, tyrannical, and deceitful regime which is oppressing the Chinese people.  Since communist dictatorships don’t “get better”, this essentially commits the U.S. to a policy of regime change in China.

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The Right Stuff

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

There are few people I admire more right now than our president who is not afraid to play hardball. I had expressed some private concerns to a fellow member that I was adamantly opposed to even a handshake between POTUS and a homicidal maniac who allowed his people to starve to death and lead such desperate lives.

Perhaps I was wrong because Trump may be strategizing to strong-arm a dangerous ego while making the Dear Leader feel like a major player on the world stage. Trump may even be plotting to make Kim Jong-un believe himself a reasonable man for saving the world from nuclear destruction. In any case, I think that in addition to imposing severe sanctions, Trump has planned a highly complex psychological approach.... [Read More]