L. Neil Smith: “There ought to be a law!”

L. Neil SmithL. Neil Smith has, for decades, been the libertarians’ libertarian.  Author of more than 30 works of science fiction and commentary, including Down with Power, a practical guide to libertarian policy alternatives in the real world, he has been steadfast in opposing “nerf libertarianism”, which advocates “reasonable compromises” that infringe liberties the authors of the Declaration of Independence and framers of the Constitution considered “unalienable” (which means you can’t even give them away yourself).  He, like I, became an advocate of uncompromising liberty through contact with Robert LeFevre, whose life was devoted to promoting liberty.

In the most recent edition of his Web magazine, The Libertarian Enterprise, he offers this suggestion to deal with the accelerating wave of corporate suppression of dissident speech.... [Read More]


Dissenter is Here

Many news websites have eliminated their comment sections. YouTube has been disabling comments on some channels. Apparently, many journalists are upset about the feedback they’re getting on their articles. In the past, letters to the editor were carefully filtered, thereby allowing newspapers to censor any expressions of wrongthink. Gab has created a workaround called Dissenter: a way to comment at any website using a browser extension. It works with all your favorite browsers:

It’s hard to express just how much fun this is. Just go to your favorite lefty website (WaPo, HuffPo, Everyday Feminism, NYT, SPLC, the Guardian) and read the comments made on the main page. Sample comment on the HuffPo main page: “This is where fat women get their news.” Coincidentally, one of the news items on the HuffPo main page happens to be…
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Code Is Speech

Liberator pistol (produced by additive manufacturing)There is a fundamental principle at stake in the current controversy, ignorantly reported and heavily spun, over the recent U.S. State Department settlement with Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation in which Defense Distributed essentially won the case it had been pursuing since 2015, clearing it to distribute design files for the manufacture of firearms and components which can be used to produce them via additive manufacturing (“3D printing”).

This principle is much simpler and more fundamental than the cloud of confusion and ignorance spread like squid ink by the slavers who prefer a disarmed and dependent population at their mercy.  It goes to the heart of free speech, and we’ve been here before.... [Read More]


Too hot for CPAC

CPAC Nevers have censored a scheduled panel on free speech.

Pamela Geller worked for months on a panel discussion.  At the last minute, CPAC told her that the founder of Gateway Pundit would be banned because he “supports Nazis.”   Geller said she would not cancel anyone from speaking at a panel discussion on free speech.... [Read More]