An unwanted conversation


Ms. H.:
I will argue with anyone who purports to know.  No one does.

What proof or authority are you using to make this pronouncement ?

That  I will argue?  My personal authority.

I think when you use your personal authority regarding spiritual matters that you are putting yourself onto really thin spiritual ice.

That no one knows?  Oh, come on!!!Because no human that I have ever encountered, nor heard tell of, …

Of course you have heard tell; you have simply decided to reject the testimony of the witnesses.

…remembers where or what he or she was before birth.

Are you now talking of reincarnation? The spiritual confusion compounds.

Nor has any  human being ever returned from death  to tell us what that’s like.

That’s my “proof” that  no living human knows about God.

Once again you are rejecting the testimony of the witnesses.

Now, in the OT, you didn’t need faith: God would come take you on a picnic, like He did with the Hebrew elders on Sinai. He’d do tricks like he did for Gideon! He’d incinerate people, like Aaron’s sons— and animal carcasses, like he did in the contest with Baal.

You can scoff and mock all you like. There are eternal consequences.

But now, I think you’d have to agree, we see through a glass darkly.  We do not know.

Agreeing that our knowledge is limited is very different from insisting that we have no knowledge at all. I reject your premise that says the only acceptable witness testimony is your own.


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