My Sayonara Message to Ricochet’s Happy Warriors Group

Sayonara to all:
This is my last full day at Ricochet. Tomorrow morning is the end of my subscription.
Thanks to all of you who have gone through all of the travails and joys and discoveries that Ricochet has brought into our lives. Ricochet is a great experiment and I wish it and you all well.
I think the biggest single problem that I see here is the tone deafness of the management regarding the stakes we are facing as a country. I’ve written a lot about the ineptness and the incompetence of the major leaders in the conservative movement. I think that this is the result of the success of libertarianism’s influence on the conservative and traditional elements in America.
The early relationship of Ricochet with National Review seems to be where the problem was born and where it lies now. There’s a cabal here that is determined to insist that: “Winning isn’t everything, you know.”
Second on the list is the way that moderators are used here. From TKC’s dismissal to MJBubba’s to Robert MacReynolds’ I watched these ridiculous and immature and too personal attacks go badly awry. I especially hated seeing them dismissed for what ended up being process crimes during the back and forth.
And finally, I think it’s the old absentee landlords’ problem of getting a strong leader in the day to day work — the COO, so to speak. Sorry to say this but this place needs a strong editor and one with a vision, clearly expressed. But, these types are busy elsewhere and I doubt they would move here to be in what is effectively a middle management slot with hard limits on what can be said and done.
Thanks again and God bless you all. I hope to meet many of you over the years in real life.