Richard Epstein on the Green New Deal

Richard A. Epstein is not usually very excitable, speaking, albeit quickly and at great length, in the form of a legal argument. Fair enough: he is one of the most cited legal scholars in the United States. In the most recent episode of his Hoover Institution podcast, “The Libertarian”, however, he goes into a full-on rant about the “Green New Deal”. The first part, where he discusses the bogus connection between carbon dioxide and climate, is especially valuable. It’s only twenty-six minutes and well worth your time.

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“Green New Deal”

Alexandria Occasional-CortexRepresentative Alexandria Occasional-Cortex has been prattling on for some time about a “Green New Deal”.  Today she, along with Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, introduced a bill [PDF] (not yet assigned a number), for a House Resolution “Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal”.  Accompanying the resolution is a Frequently Asked Questions [PDF] document.

These, particularly the FAQ, are hilarious.  The House Resolution is basically a statement of goals without any details about how they are to be achieved.  The FAQ goes a tiny bit deeper into the nitty gritty (or, more precisely, the fanatic fantasy) of what is intended.  At least you can’t fault it for not being ambitious.... [Read More]