Knowledge Base: Including Images in Group Posts and Comments

The “Groups” facility in is based upon the Group feature of BuddyPress, which is a plug-in (or more precisely, bolt-on) to WordPress which was intended to turn what was originally blogging software into a crude kind of social network, with emphasis on “crude”.  BuddyPress can best be thought of as a kludge hanging in a bag crookedly nailed to the side of the hack which is WordPress.  Much of the work expended in software development since the launch of Ratburger has been in fixing outright flaws and limitations of BuddyPress.  Raw BuddyPress is something to behold: group posts and comments, once posted, cannot be edited or deleted, except by an administrator, and there is near complete opacity about what is going on, with notifications completely haphazard.

The whole Groups facility is a hack.  The way a discussion group add-on to WordPress should work is self-evident to anybody who gives it a few minutes’ thought: each group should be its own little site, with its own posts and comments, but with notifications confined to members.  Posts could be promoted from groups to public pages by administrators.  All of the composition, editing, and administration functions should be identical for the main site and groups.... [Read More]




As some of you may have read in a post yesterday, I have decided to cancel my subscription at another site and spend a lot more time here. As part of that decision, I have given a group that I used to run there a domum novam (new home) here on Ratburger.

The group S.P.Q.Ratburger, a Latin language group, is now open to all diners. So, if you can read, write, or even speak Latin, then stop on by.... [Read More]