Schismatic Bubba

Yesterday we managed to skate perilously close to the Reformation at Hypatia’s post, which was about the latest remarks from Pope Francis that exhibited his brinkmanship; tippy-toeing as close to the line as possible. With today being the celebration of Reformation Day, I am crashing in to those troubled waters.

It is unfortunate that Christians are divided, but that is our circumstance. Since we need each other in order to pull together to save western civilization, we need to find an understanding in which we acknowledge our differences even as we take up the struggle against the Left in good spirits and brotherhood.... [Read More]



General relativity (GR) denies quantum mechanics (QM) that is real world perfectly predictive, as is GR. 60 years of theoretical physics cannot find gravitation within QM.  Can GR and/or QM be observed to fail within its own rules?  To criticize is to volunteer.

Place identical left shoes inside Shrödinger’s box. Discrete reality becomes a QM wavefunction, sums of all solutions.  Open the box and look. The indeterminate wavefunction collapses into discrete reality, pairs of left and right shoes.... [Read More]